Try Guys Try Hang Gliding For The First Time


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Hold on to your helmets! This one could be a bumpy ride! Watch us try hang gliding for the first time!
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  • Iris Klever
    Iris Klever17 minutter siden

    Just an idea: Jonathan reading thirsty tweets/comments

  • Sara Davey
    Sara Davey2 dager siden

    You know it’s funny, 2020 wasn’t the worst year of my life, but it definitely wasn’t the greatest

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean183 dager siden

    Omg Jonathan in the intro song, replacing Ned xD

  • Brooke Tovar
    Brooke Tovar3 dager siden

    They should 100% make Jonathan the fifth try guy!!!

  • shruti
    shruti3 dager siden

    After today, I realised that, even if Jonathan becomes the 5th try guy , we will NEVER get enough of him

  • anastasya hendren
    anastasya hendren4 dager siden

    Keith looks so funny up close

  • emma kane
    emma kane5 dager siden

    anthony mackie supremacy❤️

  • Iulia Bianca
    Iulia Bianca6 dager siden

    0:25 *Enter Johnny Bravo's catch phrase* 😳

  • Andrew Puckett
    Andrew Puckett7 dager siden

    Jonathan is Hot! Watch out Eugene! You may have competition.

  • MydnytCoffee
    MydnytCoffee8 dager siden

    👀no tea no shade But why are none of them wearing masks? They live in LA where Miss Rona is real fucking bad With their audience its irresponsible for them to not wear masks in videos

  • x.liz.x
    x.liz.x9 dager siden

    I'm just a potato

  • ana b
    ana b9 dager siden

    ok, but like, Keith's outfit this day man, when did he started dressing so good? i'm impressed

  • Ariel Jade
    Ariel Jade10 dager siden

    Keith you are too tall to be afraid of heights, that's why I'm glad I'm short cuz I don't have far to fall if I trip

  • Haley Hansen
    Haley Hansen10 dager siden

    Petition to have Jonathan featured in more videos: sign here ✏️ 📄

  • Alaira Banks
    Alaira Banks11 dager siden

    Who else is ready to risk it all for Jonathan

  • Jacqueline Sanabria
    Jacqueline Sanabria12 dager siden

    Keith coming in scared and then actually enjoying himself and not being scared anymore was so precious

  • Chris McMillen
    Chris McMillen13 dager siden

    Those instructors just run all day....fucking a

  • Hannah Kröger
    Hannah Kröger14 dager siden

    I can teach Jonathan (and all of the try guys if they like) how to fold fitted sheets. Trust me, I'm German :) and there is a trick to it

  • Yvette Wong
    Yvette Wong14 dager siden

    Jonathan can pass as a Hemsworth brother!

  • Poor Mom life
    Poor Mom life14 dager siden

    Dang!! ! No way is that the same Johnathan for Try Guys office!!!?? Umm.... cool!!💘💘💯💝

  • Poor Mom life
    Poor Mom life14 dager siden

    Whoa!!! Helllloooooo Johnathan -!!!😍🤣🤣💘💯😍

  • TuLan Elise H
    TuLan Elise H16 dager siden

    LMFaAOO keith when he hang glides sounds like a pteryldactyl

  • TuLan Elise H
    TuLan Elise H16 dager siden

    jonathan is ned 2.0

  • Nina Gomez
    Nina Gomez17 dager siden

    I love that even when Ned isn't there his wife and kids are mentioned 😂

  • Rageshree Chatterjee
    Rageshree Chatterjee17 dager siden

    i didn't like the step dad/boyfriend joke

  • Marin
    Marin17 dager siden

    Keith hang gliding has the same energy as Eugene trying the roller coaster

  • Analilia Hernandez
    Analilia Hernandez17 dager siden

    You guys should try ice skating.!

  • aliyah gaines
    aliyah gaines18 dager siden

    “Wee-ee-ee” 😂😂

  • Cliff P73
    Cliff P7318 dager siden

    It more like flying.

  • Cliff P73
    Cliff P7318 dager siden

    LOVE THE THC JOKE!! No joke

  • Cliff P73
    Cliff P7318 dager siden

    Who was that kid? Sounded like a girl. Haven’t hit puberty...

  • kaitlyn
    kaitlyn18 dager siden

    this episode is proudly sponsored by eugene's mom

  • Cass Balazuela
    Cass Balazuela20 dager siden

    Okay so no one's gonna talk about 9:45 ? Keith's sigh of relief and him being amazed

  • Ej At
    Ej At20 dager siden

    I love Zach's joyous laugh and Cool Runnings reference 🥰

  • Rizka
    Rizka21 dag siden

    I didn't know I needed a Jonathan's close up until now

  • Erin Richard
    Erin Richard22 dager siden

    "he's a great Ned" "he's a GREAT Ned" "top 10 Neds"

  • Billi Goat
    Billi Goat23 dager siden

    Jonathan is D A D D Y 😍😍😍

  • Ayla Eh
    Ayla Eh23 dager siden

    Anyone else thinking Eugene looks like Rufio just sailing the through the air like that?? No? Just me? Haha

  • Wendy Cervantes
    Wendy Cervantes24 dager siden

    Keith: I’m just a potato Me: me too 🥴

  • Jenna Hsu
    Jenna Hsu24 dager siden

    the character development in keith is so wholesome

  • ?
    ?24 dager siden

    He don’t gotta wife huh 😏

  • Liam Kay
    Liam Kay26 dager siden

    The thumbnail for this video is amazing

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon27 dager siden

    I think u guys should try GLASS MAKING...I know it’s not related but u guys were the first one I’ve remembered when I was watching glass making tv show on netflix 😂 just wanna see ur reactions.

  • Julien Cassidy
    Julien Cassidy28 dager siden


  • AllieB Literary
    AllieB Literary28 dager siden

    okay but WHY wasn't Miles in this video he could've said WELCOME TO THE MILES HIGH CLUB

  • Abby Snider
    Abby Snider29 dager siden

    Keith’s first run was the most hilarious thing since without a recipe

  • Cynthia Leilani
    Cynthia Leilani29 dager siden

    I’m just a potato :)

  • NATALIE Malanga
    NATALIE MalangaMåned siden

    I will fight eugenes mom for dibs on Jonathan.

  • zombiecatX3
    zombiecatX3Måned siden

    “I’m just a potato” needs to be on a shirt

  • *-ariana-*
    *-ariana-*Måned siden

    _wow jonathan, my ring finger is looking SO bare!_

  • Andre Sahakian
    Andre SahakianMåned siden

    You guys should try parachuting

  • IntroBurp
    IntroBurpMåned siden

    Hi Jonathan, I'm a self-proclaimed bad idea 😂

  • Layal Alawi
    Layal AlawiMåned siden


  • Arden Arceneaux
    Arden ArceneauxMåned siden

    i cant stop laughing zach running so hard in the air

  • Sheldon Ledbetter
    Sheldon LedbetterMåned siden

    Can we please see a "Try Guys Try FPV Racing Drones"!? I think it would be so cool!!!

  • Sergii Kovtun
    Sergii KovtunMåned siden

    Jonathan IS hot but dramatc Keith is definetely my type

  • Jen Luu
    Jen LuuMåned siden

    "This year taught me to keep my expectation domestic - I really want to fold a fitted sheet!!" I died laughing

  • Caroline Apodaca
    Caroline ApodacaMåned siden

    Vid idea: -build a mousetrap or even better giant friggin rat trap as a try craft (we got both at our house😖) plus I'm curious what happened with the rodents that took over the first company location, figure this is a way to make them pay rent.

  • Yumiko Takahashi
    Yumiko TakahashiMåned siden

    I was sort of reminded of Mary Poppins when I saw Zach walking in mid-air, and it was absolutely adorable 😍 Just me ?

  • Airplane guy Aidan
    Airplane guy AidanMåned siden

    the try guys should go skydiving 😏

  • Hazel Aung
    Hazel AungMåned siden

    Ah, yes the most flattering angles of the Try Guys

  • Madison Koref
    Madison KorefMåned siden

    I wasn’t really paying attention the first few minutes of this until I saw Jonathan 👀 & I literally had to start the video over just so I could figure out who the beautiful man was 😅😂🤤🤤😻

  • Madison Koref
    Madison KorefMåned siden

    Oh Hellloooooo Jonathan 😲🤤😻😻😻

  • Katoob
    KatoobMåned siden

    Keith went full muppet with that scream lmao

  • grace sharonn
    grace sharonnMåned siden

    this is already mr favorite video of 2021. Zach tiny legs gracefully running in air and Keith’s constant sreaming made my day.

  • Rachelle Kahn
    Rachelle KahnMåned siden

    Can you try figure skating ⛸

  • Sarah B
    Sarah BMåned siden

    Can somebody please let Jonathan know that I’m single...

  • Kianna Epp
    Kianna EppMåned siden

    I truly did appreciate Zach’s cool running reference tho 💜

  • Kianna Epp
    Kianna EppMåned siden

    I’m confused cause I only got recommended this now. I literally watch every try guys vid.

  • Veronica Larsen
    Veronica LarsenMåned siden

    It’s the ✨ a n g e l s ✨ for me😂

    АНЖЕЛИКАMåned siden


  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien PinardMåned siden

    The average street characteristically step because rayon renomegaly squash into a chilly dredger. savory, delicious russia

  • llaikki K
    llaikki KMåned siden

    9:08 is my new alarm

  • Dulce Cortez Cruz
    Dulce Cortez CruzMåned siden

    Jonathan pops up in the video Me: ❤️👄❤️

  • Ezgi Düzce
    Ezgi DüzceMåned siden

    why does the lead instructor looks like shane madej....

  • Allie Brown
    Allie BrownMåned siden

    I doubt they'll ever see this but I would really love to see you guys recreate the motherhood series. The videos from buzzfeed were so short, we hardly got to see much of each person's experience. I think it would be really cool to bring that back!

  • kyro laJambe
    kyro laJambeMåned siden

    i genuinely think that all of them should make, edit and post short films drunk, high or sleep deprived cus i believe that would be the funniest shit ever

    G08-MAGNAYE, JADEE AYESHAMåned siden

    6:24 he sounds like Matt in this clip.

  • Shelly SakhD
    Shelly SakhDMåned siden

    Okay but who is Jonathon?

  • Shelly SakhD

    Shelly SakhD

    21 dag siden

    @Nero Rex Oh okay, thanks

  • Nero Rex

    Nero Rex

    22 dager siden

    Their Camera/sound/assistant production manager. He’s filling in for Ned.

  • Kasey M
    Kasey MMåned siden

    Andy and Bob were great. Very nice, funny, and encouraging. It's always more fun when the instructors have a lot of personality

  • cooki3monstr
    cooki3monstrMåned siden

    Wow... Keith's scream truly made me laugh harder than I have in months 😂😂 this is the best, thanks for facing your fears for us!

  • iLoveBritneyBITCH
    iLoveBritneyBITCHMåned siden

    Zach looks like ET, I’m in tears 😂

  • Klaudine Guerrero
    Klaudine GuerreroMåned siden

    I would simp for Jonathan

  • Yara Mustafa
    Yara MustafaMåned siden

    I’m in love with Johnathan

  • Nana Noah
    Nana NoahMåned siden

    Now we need to see Eugene sitting on best daddy Jonathan's lap.

  • Arianne Bienvenu
    Arianne BienvenuMåned siden

    Well come through Jonathan!!!

  • Amanda Pearl
    Amanda PearlMåned siden

    Watching this at 4 am was a mistake...At *9:20 Kieth wakes up my bf from deep ass sleep

  • lizzy winner
    lizzy winnerMåned siden

    Zach reminds me of did from ice age

  • Sophia Francis
    Sophia FrancisMåned siden

    Lol hi johnathan

  • K Gallagher
    K GallagherMåned siden

    Jonathan may not have a baby, but he does have a son

  • Tiffany Mielke
    Tiffany MielkeMåned siden

    My 3-year-old daughter screamed right along with Keith and screamed when he landed "Yay! He did it!"

  • Mony Sugardogs
    Mony SugardogsMåned siden

    That slow motion at the begining... YOU'RE HOT JOHNNY. YOU"RE AN ATTRACTIVE MAN.

  • Diet fat
    Diet fatMåned siden

    Love the thumbnail

  • Because Shut up
    Because Shut upMåned siden

    The try guys trying to beat box I really want them to look stupid trying to beat box

  • Brooke Davis
    Brooke DavisMåned siden

    The cool runnings reference by Zach was perfection

  • Highlander 530
    Highlander 530Måned siden

    Korean guy is the least gay one out of 4

  • Smokinmama143
    Smokinmama143Måned siden

    Zach legs made me think of dogs when you put them above water and they start to dry swim 🤣🤣

  • Megan Fox
    Megan FoxMåned siden

    Those slow-mo clips of Jonathan...😳😳😅😅

  • Lulu Stylinson
    Lulu StylinsonMåned siden


  • Olivia Arias
    Olivia AriasMåned siden

    hi, only to jonathan.