The Try Guys Wear 1800s Bridgerton Dresses


Is this not lovely? All of us together again? Dear readers, please do enjoy this most stunning display of the season's best Bridgerton fashion as The Try Guys try Regency Era gowns for the very first time!
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  • Rebecca Baker
    Rebecca BakerTime siden

    Nobody: Ned: *dancing* If i jumped into the water, I would drown.

  • 3. Achyuthan S
    3. Achyuthan S2 timer siden

    Lady Habsburg???? Wheres the 2 mile long chin? Oh wait!

  • Dan DJC
    Dan DJC2 timer siden

    Ned’s old English accent is actually really good Trust me I’m english

  • Sarah Hjort
    Sarah Hjort7 timer siden

    Keith's accent is what British people sound like when they're super drunk and trying to "sound normal" to the bouncer 😂 (I am British fyi)

  • clown king
    clown king8 timer siden

    ok but ned ATE UP the thigh high / boxer short look

  • Snow
    Snow8 timer siden

    LOL, Ned doing the Spiderman killed me. XD

  • Skyy Rembert
    Skyy Rembert11 timer siden

    😂😂😂😂ummmm sirs.... Imagine if you had to go through a day with a corset.... With BOOBS.... 🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾

  • Kiera Longua
    Kiera Longua22 timer siden

    Zach putting the corset on upside down has me wheezing

  • XxTenshiChokoxX
    XxTenshiChokoxXDag siden

    Eugene always gotta take it to the next level lol

  • loverboy
    loverboyDag siden


    TEAL3AFDag siden

    6:29 “Now I can see why ladies of this era required assistance when getting coOOOOOOOOO-“

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean18Dag siden

    Bless Zach’s heart for putting the corset on upside down ❤️

  • Laura Montes
    Laura MontesDag siden

    Sorry did everyone just skip over Ned's cute af little joke? "I used to be a chemise-st..." 😂

  • Paige Snowball
    Paige SnowballDag siden

    I can’t wait for Bernadette to watch this

  • Bonnie Mairead
    Bonnie MaireadDag siden

    I swear Keith, go sing for Disney. Your song is so catchy, especially the line "Ned's looking HOt."

  • Random Roses
    Random RosesDag siden

    Ned those stockings look good on you?!?!?

  • Natalie
    NatalieDag siden

    I understand that they’re totally against toxic masculinity and so am I. But, it seems like they really only do feminine videos. Like does there need to be multiple videos of y’all in lingerie, bikinis, dresses, sexy costumes?

  • loveutill theendoftimes
    loveutill theendoftimes2 dager siden

    Beng french and hearing everyone butcher chemise is horrible🥴

  • GeneLAD
    GeneLAD2 dager siden

    A segment where Ned talks about science and do experiments with the other try guys please.

  • Yannie Intes
    Yannie Intes2 dager siden

    Why is No one Talking About Keth's SONGGG

  • LPS So Sugar
    LPS So Sugar2 dager siden

    I lived in France and when ever they say something wrong i rage XD

  • loveutill theendoftimes

    loveutill theendoftimes

    2 dager siden

    Me toooo 😂 i'm french

  • Aikaterine Illt
    Aikaterine Illt2 dager siden

    The accents are killing me

  • Katie Barker
    Katie Barker2 dager siden

    Alright we got the Regency fashion, let's get some Regency dancing next! (when, you know, we can actually gather again)

  • Violet McCoy
    Violet McCoy2 dager siden

    hi in class today we watched the What makes you a man video(yea the one from as/is from six years ago lol) and I notice that Keith and Eugene was in the video and what you guys said was very inspiring and cool and nice.

  • Jay
    Jay2 dager siden

    no one: ned: “thwipthwipthwipthwip”

  • Andrea Giamporcaro
    Andrea Giamporcaro2 dager siden

    the dress Ned is wearing is so nice!! And of course, Eugene kills it as usual!!

  • Todoodles
    Todoodles3 dager siden

    I'm British and listening to this was physically painful. LMAO

  • V
    V3 dager siden


  • hgentz
    hgentz3 dager siden

    Regency Ned is my favorite Ned ever. I would pay over $100 for a ticket to see Lady Spiderdown

  • The City Kitty
    The City Kitty3 dager siden

    The entire video I was hoping someone would come in and tell Zack that his corset was upside down and it just never happened

  • Love, Selam
    Love, Selam3 dager siden

    The try guys playing dress up... best content.

  • Ana
    Ana3 dager siden

    One of their best videos ever

  • Shahrezad1
    Shahrezad13 dager siden

    Those corsets are...not correct. 😂 Wow.

  • Frannie Mamlin
    Frannie Mamlin3 dager siden

    No! They wouldn’t be wearing corsets! They would be wearing stays! Most likely short stays! They weren’t even always busked!

  • Priya Ramautar
    Priya Ramautar3 dager siden

    13:26 hahahh u can that see they used tiktok for the calssical painting lmao

  • Maleia Tremblay
    Maleia Tremblay3 dager siden

    Zach your legs look nice dude

  • TaintedMind
    TaintedMind3 dager siden

    Singlehandedly ending toxic masculinity

  • Ayanna Smith
    Ayanna Smith3 dager siden

    Yoooooo eugine looks soooo good!

  • Veronica Larsen
    Veronica Larsen3 dager siden

    Ariel making Neds “boobs” look good is literally ✨COUPLE GOALS✨😂❤️

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K4 dager siden

    Am I the only one who didn’t find the duke attractive? The two older brothers were sooo fine ❤️ but I guess I can appreciate the duke still

  • Ben Carpenter
    Ben Carpenter4 dager siden

    The way they butchered the pronunciation of the words 😫 love y’all ♥️

  • bren lee
    bren lee4 dager siden

    Not Keith turning into literal Salad Fingers. Someone give this lady a rusty spoon!!

  • kiana afsharnia
    kiana afsharnia4 dager siden


  • Yihai Zweifel
    Yihai Zweifel4 dager siden

    Chemise = Sh-mease

  • s a r a
    s a r a4 dager siden

    ned looks like maria reynolds👀👀

  • Heather
    Heather5 dager siden

    Can we appreciate that the Try Guys had the good sense to wear chemises under their corsets, unlike the actual TV show (h-how are dumb viewers supposed to understand female oppression if no chafed and blistered skin from corset???)

  • L A
    L A5 dager siden

    I feel like they are constantly emasculating themselves why don’t they try on men’s clothing from that era why are they constantly dressing like women I don’t get it...

  • Virginia Romano
    Virginia Romano5 dager siden

    "I USED TO BE A CHEMIST......"

  • Hannah Phan
    Hannah Phan5 dager siden

    History nerds as myself are crying

  • Cyce
    Cyce5 dager siden

    Keiths track at the end was the best part of this video idc

  • Madeline Bedford
    Madeline Bedford5 dager siden

    Eugene looks SO good in a dress

  • Emo.Gacha22
    Emo.Gacha225 dager siden

    I just live how the try guys continue to say fuck gender roles 🥺🤧🤧

  • olivia grace
    olivia grace5 dager siden

    God bless! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ Is our Lord and Savior and the Son of God Who died on a cross for our sins so we can live again in heaven where there is no pain or suffering! Confess that God is the Father and Creator and raised His Son Jesus from the dead after Hs sent Him die for us! Confess and repent of your sins! Listen to the Holy Spirit and trust God! 🥰💝

  • Paz
    Paz5 dager siden

    It's weird how i'm used to see these men in their underwear...... :/

  • Bakushima For ever
    Bakushima For ever5 dager siden

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Eleonora Pascarella
    Eleonora Pascarella5 dager siden

    Toxic masculinity has left the chat I love you guys!

  • Jasmin Chavez
    Jasmin Chavez5 dager siden

    I'm late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY EUGENE!!!!

  • Trang L
    Trang L5 dager siden

    the aristocracy is still here, the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, tax the rich baby, TAX THE RICH

  • eirum
    eirum5 dager siden

    i hate how men can just casually go "idc for balls and weddings and fEmiNiNe bOoKs😌💅" without knowing the context behind it and how almost all of it was the product of oppression and misogyny that their own gender perpetuated. women literally _had_ to marry bc of fkn entailment lmao go read a book once in a while preferably the one you were just shitting on

  • Theory Kitten
    Theory Kitten5 dager siden

    Keith dancing around in nothing but hummingbird underwear and white stockings is probably one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen. It shall haunt my dreams forever XD

  • Theory Kitten
    Theory Kitten5 dager siden


  • Nervousnewbie xxx
    Nervousnewbie xxx5 dager siden

    this is so funny use the door handle to help tie your corsette

  • Skyler Calender
    Skyler Calender5 dager siden

    Zach dancing with Bowie is *chefs kiss*

  • Ming
    Ming5 dager siden

    I suddenly understand why stockings are a kink, DAMN BOYS

  • b2butiful
    b2butiful6 dager siden

    Please. It’s chemise. 😩😭😂

  • Annie R.
    Annie R.6 dager siden

    Why does Eugene look good no matter what he wears?😄

  • Ukdoublebassist
    Ukdoublebassist6 dager siden

    Watching this video as an English person is absolutely hilarious

  • Bruinsfan 63
    Bruinsfan 636 dager siden

    I love how every single one of them said it differently

  • Rowan Hearrold
    Rowan Hearrold6 dager siden

    Me talking to the screen: ... Zach... Zach, it’s upside. Zach, your corset is upside!

  • Rhianna
    Rhianna6 dager siden

    so no one is gonna talk abt zach's corset? pleasee it's upsidedown😭😭😭💀

  • Chloe Edgar
    Chloe Edgar6 dager siden

    My new favourite word is now "Chimzit"

  • lieybeth l
    lieybeth l6 dager siden

    I love Zach danced with Bowie

  • Givulinovich
    Givulinovich6 dager siden

    I really like Keith’s Hitler cat.

  • MarieGames
    MarieGames6 dager siden

    That is so not how you put stockings on Zach....

  • shadowofthecandle
    shadowofthecandle6 dager siden

    As an avid costube watcher, this is EXTRA hilarious :D

  • Hannah
    Hannah6 dager siden

    Every time they said chemise wrong I laughed so hard

  • Kimchee Legacy
    Kimchee Legacy6 dager siden

    The dress Ned wore is so pretty 😭 red and black look really good together. Also the one Eugene wore looks like it's for a princess 😊

  • mint
    mint6 dager siden

    As a British person, Keith sounds like he's having a stroke and it's beautiful

  • Catarina Campos
    Catarina Campos6 dager siden

    More fashion/ dress up videos please!!!

  • Aime Maggie
    Aime Maggie6 dager siden

    I had to pause the video so i wouldn't choke on my video when you guys couldn't pronouce chemise i cant

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie7 dager siden

    I love that everyone calls Eugene for help

  • Michelle P.
    Michelle P.7 dager siden

    Watching this as someone who is obsessed with historical dress and dressmaking and especially Regency to Edwardian (~1800-1914), I am in pain watching this video. Guys, it's not a corset. That's called stays 😭

  • Samantha McCoy
    Samantha McCoy7 dager siden

    “Lady Spiderdown, THWIP THWIP.” 🤣

  • Random Fandom Cosplay
    Random Fandom Cosplay7 dager siden

    Are you guys going to do more period clothing videos :D

  • Maddi Maguire
    Maddi Maguire7 dager siden

    "Thwip, thwip, thwip" -Ned Fulmer

  • Olivia Bannon
    Olivia Bannon7 dager siden

    “Depression is just a great feeling that Just comes around at all times” Never said better

  • Catherine Scoble
    Catherine Scoble7 dager siden

    As a brit, this is honestly not the worst British accent I've heard by Americans... they are actually not that bad😂

  • Catherine Scoble

    Catherine Scoble

    Dag siden

    @TEAL3AF That is so stereotypical and kinda funny lol!!! I appreciate your friends commitment. I do understand your pain though!😂😂



    Dag siden

    Yesterday my friend was using a British accent while we were on FaceTime. They only made Tea and Crumpet references. Please help.

  • Louise Phillips
    Louise Phillips7 dager siden

    i want neds dress

  • blaababu
    blaababu7 dager siden

    if only they all had wigs too.... it would have been even more awesome

  • Ruby Cole
    Ruby Cole7 dager siden

    Is no one gonna talk about the dude in the picture at 11.02 flipping us off??

  • Anastasia Zellner
    Anastasia Zellner7 dager siden

    The way they all put on their stays gave me so much pain. Ned’s looked the best because he had Ariel’s help but honestly eugene’s lack of boob support hurt me just as deeply as Zach’s upside down stays.

  • Von C
    Von C7 dager siden

    Keith is a Hot Mess🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Åsa S
    Åsa S7 dager siden

    10:40 No, not Prince. Bowie.

  • Jamille Louisa Dominguez
    Jamille Louisa Dominguez8 dager siden

    'I used to be a Chemise' I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • nightcore xhero
    nightcore xhero8 dager siden

    The more they mispronounced chemise a period seamstress dies on the inside it’s pronounced Che- me -sss

  • Mae Baird
    Mae Baird8 dager siden

    zachs blatant disinterested in jane austen's work or period novels in general because it is dwindled down to the romance alone and not the feminism makes me sad :( Like, all of those women were badass.

  • Jessi Gremling
    Jessi Gremling8 dager siden

    *Keith in dress* OH ma'am, scuse me ma'am, SCUSE ME MAAM!

  • Sarah No
    Sarah No8 dager siden

    "Depression is just this nice feeling that I keep around at all times" - DEAD lmao

  • Emree Culver
    Emree Culver8 dager siden

    No one: Not a sole: Ned: Depression is just this nice feeling I keep around at all times.

  • J Z
    J Z8 dager siden

    Their socks looks were bomb ahahah