The Try Guys Bake Cheesecake Without A Recipe


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I'll take my cake with a bit of cheese please! It's the season finale of #WithoutARecipe! Watch The Try Guys battle it out in the final bake-off for the cooking crown!🧀🎂
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys2 måneder siden

    We love Nicole and think she's hilarious in this video! Our Simon Cowell. If you have a problem with her being "too mean" please direct that towards US as constructive criticism on how we edit. Any attacks on her as a person are simply uncalled for and we will not tolerate any personal hate towards the incredible and talented experts we bring into our fold. Remember, this is all just fun and games. As the people forced to eat this food every week we can promise you her comments were justified and spot-on 😂

  • Pumkin Spice

    Pumkin Spice

    Måned siden

    She was hired to judge and she did just that.

  • Natasha Mazumdar

    Natasha Mazumdar

    Måned siden

    Lol what I think she's fucking hysterical.

  • Ashley Joyes

    Ashley Joyes

    2 måneder siden

    I love her!!

  • Emerald cumberland

    Emerald cumberland

    2 måneder siden

    ​@Katelyn I think Nicole Rucker made the comedy even greater and more theatrical. She has a name, btw.

  • RACHEL CurtisB

    RACHEL CurtisB

    2 måneder siden

    I honestly thought the vide was great, my only critique when it comes to the editing around Nicole was just a touch overpowering. I honestly feel like she it became a lot for apparent because she was paired with two more neutral judges. The part where she flat out disagrees with one the other judges off the bat HILARIOUS, amazing, that was some stellar editing! I feel like if Nicole had been paired with someone like Roe who has a hard time giving harsher critique, that would be a great dynamic! And her comments would have a better balance. That all being said I do hope Nicole comes back next season! But I think pairing her with someone to match her energy(just in the opposite direction) would help balance the criticism. And make her comments still hilarious, but help keep it fun and jokey.

  • Payal Shah
    Payal Shah42 minutter siden

    Ned is Jesse Tyler Ferguson! They are doppelgangers!

  • KTinOG
    KTinOG11 timer siden

    Tell Ned, Crawfish man, it is Peeeeea CAN, not Pea Con. ;)

  • Anna Manalang
    Anna Manalang11 timer siden

    Love kitchen battle ...

  • Ella Ronci
    Ella Ronci15 timer siden

    "What is milk? Its cow water....basically the same shit." -Zach 2020

  • Amelia Pethullis
    Amelia Pethullis17 timer siden

    You should do some episodes where you make different national cuisines - as a Brit I would suggest Yorkshire puddings (I’m also from Yorkshire;), pork pies, sausage rolls, fish and chips, scones, Victoria sponge, steak bakes etc etc 💞

  • Kyra Wilson
    Kyra Wilson23 timer siden

    Idk what ppl are talking about, I thought Nicole was hilarious. She critiqued and like joked with the guys but was a good sport when they joked around with her too

  • clown emoji
    clown emoji23 timer siden

    i genuinely don't know how you guys had a problem with nicole? i found her critique hilarious. she took it so seriously and that's what made it funny.

  • boom inyourface
    boom inyourfaceDag siden

    12:09 best and most satisfying moment of the episode

  • T R
    T RDag siden

    i'm probably alone in this but i honestly don't think that that one judge was insanely harsh like others are saying.

  • Aikaterine Illt
    Aikaterine IlltDag siden

    I think we know what that one judge is going to say when he gets home.

  • Darth Nater
    Darth NaterDag siden

    Mythical josh and binging with babish

  • Tori Del Rey
    Tori Del ReyDag siden

    Its funny that Keith keeps doing the raisin things even after not winning last season. But do you dude. I would be curious to try Eugenes and Zachs cheesecakes. Neds looks like the cheesecake you buy at a restaurant so good job.

  • chey4nne
    chey4nneDag siden

    Love the random cow snippets

  • Miss Amanda's world
    Miss Amanda's worldDag siden

    Having read all comments I rather have honest judge then one who favor Zach that's in diy stuff. Or ones that way Eugene didn't make what tasked with but wins anyway. I really don't mind Nichole being so blunt it was judged fairly. And don't say cause I favor Keith. Because I liked dumpling episode when Eugene won because fair. If I'm not sure on fairness I'll neither like nor dislike.

  • Samantha Shareque
    Samantha SharequeDag siden

    Did you guys saw how Ned finished half of that bottle after getting 4th place!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hatete Korto
    Hatete Korto2 dager siden

    0:14 JIMMY I watch all their game knights videos

  • Bela Z.
    Bela Z.2 dager siden

    A lot of German cheesecake recipes have raisins in them lol so Keith's combo was like "pretty basic" to me

  • fluffy little kaitlyn
    fluffy little kaitlyn2 dager siden

    Ok, since this is the last episode in this season I feel like I wanna say something. I absolutely love this series and for the most part enjoyed it. Over the course of the whole baking without a recipe series there have been quite a few judges that have appeared. Most of them were very polite but were still able to give important and honest feedback. On the other hand there have been a couple that have struck me as extremely rude and almost “full of themselves” to the point that the episode becomes pretty unenjoyable. I understand that this series is supposed to be where professionals critic the guys but there is a better and more appropriate way to do it. There were a couple of episodes that made me extremely upset and uncomfortable because of just how rude some of the judges were acting. There’s a difference between being rude and giving constructive criticism. I don’t know if they were caught on a bad day or if they are just a bit too uptight for my tastes. Anyway, not trying to hate on anyone, just my thoughts on it. 💕💕💕

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez2 dager siden

    I loved Nicole

  • Samantha Ashford
    Samantha Ashford2 dager siden

    I have yo remember that these are the best way😂😂

  • rita Bish
    rita Bish2 dager siden

    So no one is gonna talk about how Keith danced like Mickey Mouse from the Mickey Mouse Club House

  • pinku
    pinku2 dager siden

    what is happening to the closed captions why are they not in sync with the video

  • Riftspear
    Riftspear3 dager siden

    She’s a Judge. She’s JUDGING. What else do you want?! And not only did she judge the cheesecakes fairly (which is more than you can expect from a few judges), she also added a crazy amount of comedy into the episode. Stop complaining

  • FrostedCakes


    5 timer siden

    It's just opinion. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but there's always a reason for someone to go and comment a critique. I was uncomfortable while watching the video because of how little the guys bounced off of her. Her comedy isn't for me. That's okay in the same way it's okay that it's fun to you.

  • Maria Preethi Christopher
    Maria Preethi Christopher3 dager siden

    Who thinks Ned looks like Jesse Tyler Ferguson

  • Anime Godess
    Anime Godess3 dager siden

    You guys should try to make mongolian buzz

  • Devon Weiss
    Devon Weiss3 dager siden

    this lady was bugging me.....cheesecake is close to maybe pumpkin pie but not the same. the worst part was YES you can overmix a cheesecake. Honestly I was surprised she knew to put it in a waterbath

  • Sam Cook
    Sam Cook3 dager siden

    Keith- are you a ska kid? Bro that lil dance you did was skanking! Took me back to my ska punk kid days seeing Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Voodoo Glow Skulls, etc, and dancing in the mosh pit!

  • hannahh_
    hannahh_3 dager siden

    I hope they do a reaction to these videos and see what they did wrong lol

  • Lia Sohl
    Lia Sohl3 dager siden

    them hiding in the corner for ned is so funny

  • Taylor M
    Taylor M3 dager siden

    I was listening to these video has I was napping and dreamed about the cookie version but it was in the shower, like you had to make shower cookies

  • Tess D
    Tess D3 dager siden

    Mini m+ms are better than regular. The crunch/pop sensation of eating the minis is 👌🏻 it's like the sensation you get when you bite into those big roe on some sushi. POP, but it's made of chocolate.

  • aviendhar idek
    aviendhar idek3 dager siden

    This and nailed it have a really great atmosphere like serious cooking shows are fun and all but I like seeing contestants and judges roast eachother it's fun! Casual+

  • Alena Kilian
    Alena Kilian3 dager siden

    I expected Nicole to be horrible when I read the comments but you guys... I don‘t see the problem. The guys didn‘t always bounce off of her jokes but I think she was a fine judge 💫

  • Cas3350
    Cas33504 dager siden

    I don't understand why everyone was saying Nicole was rude? She was being very honest and I don't think any of her comments were rude at all. I found her sassy and absolutely hysterical.

  • PlanwithIvey


    3 dager siden

    Same! I thought she was freaking hilarious and that her and Ned’s banter was hysterical. Like this was the definition of frienemies for you 😂

  • Jess Sinha
    Jess Sinha4 dager siden

    I’m not attacking Nicole as a person... I just think she was a bit harsh, when the whole show is comedy. It’s not a real cooking show... I’m sure she’s a great person 💜

  • AriSo Fetch

    AriSo Fetch

    Dag siden

    Read the pin comment

  • moni nunya
    moni nunya4 dager siden

    i watched them all put solid butter in and make dough instead of Graham cracker crumble and it dealt me physic damage

  • Lara Lepo
    Lara Lepo4 dager siden

    I think nicole was fun. She was playing a character. Her comments made me laugh but I think the reason why a lot of ppl took it as rude is because, unlike zach, some of u didn't respond as if it was a joke which caused misinterpretation of the situation

  • tirkdiamond
    tirkdiamond5 dager siden

    36:14 he's right. such a Karen..

  • Pranavi Tirunagiri
    Pranavi Tirunagiri5 dager siden

    That pink Karen though.

  • 이민지
    이민지5 dager siden

    i think the way you edited it maybe have made Nicole’s comments less enjoyable. Especially when she said “i call bullshit” to ned and his response seemed genuinely taken aback. if there was laughter to follow, it would have been much less uncomfortable.

  • Cam
    Cam5 dager siden

    They all went back to their roots in this episode: Ned was a true dad who just tried, Eugene used offensive amounts of alcohol, Zach was a child and Keith was *D A D D Y ‘ S F A V O R I T E*

  • K B
    K B5 dager siden

    I’m a little annoyed with the comments bc if they bring her back she might not be herself out of fear of what the comments will say. She’s good in my book

  • Kyle Duvall
    Kyle Duvall5 dager siden

    For those who are wondering who was the winner of Season 2 Without A Recipe: Keith won 2, got 2nd in 1, and got 4th in 1 Ned got 2nd in 1, got 3rd in 2, and got 4th in 1 Zach and Eugene each won 1, got 2nd in 1, got 3rd in 1, and got 4th in 1. So Keith was the winner of Season 2! Congrats!

  • Red Sprain
    Red Sprain5 dager siden

    No one, Literally no one... Me: AND I CRUNBLE COMPLETELY WHEN YOU CRY- (Haha 505)

  • I am Darth
    I am Darth5 dager siden

    *DOLORES* needs to get lost in a forest.

  • Georgia Edwards
    Georgia Edwards6 dager siden

    So I just watched this .. I know late to the party but I have to say we all know the reasons it is beneficial for guest judges to be on the show. You have someone who knows what they are saying to give an air of professionalism to the show and the guest judges get a free advertising for there business. However the lady in pink ( judging of the comments I have seen ) did nothing but attract negative attention to her business. She didn't shower herself in glory. She came off as that girl the needs to be the smartest in the room, that's was probably not what she was intending but never the less. I know you couldn't re-shoot at the risk of seeming disingenuous with reactions, but really what it falls down to is it was not in anyone's best interest not to pull her up after her first remarks and explain how bad this really made all of you look. This was really disappointing end to a season that you put so must work into. I hope she and the try guys learn from this to be aware of what the public may read from what you choose to post.they will probably never read this but felt like I should say something.

    MANOLO PREETHI6 dager siden

    Imagine if the Try Guys were emotional teenagers baking a cheesecake.... Ned: Roses are red, violets are blue, my cake is trash, and I am too. Eugene: I drink alcohol because of my anxiety and wine connoisseur issues. Keith : Daddy, raising three emotions: anxiety, depression, and drunk. Zach: When I was a kid, Halloween meant trick or treat. not kick back and sleep. My parents did the second one. (I thought of commenting this down for once. Stay cool !

  • my house
    my house6 dager siden

    Just keep adding booze and rasins perfect

  • Frost Rose
    Frost Rose6 dager siden

    I love the Try Guys, and this is really fun to watch!! But I do agree that Nicole was a little too serious for Try Guys, but she might just have a problem with her tone of voice, cause I can see some of her comments as jokes, her voice just didn't quite convey it, but that happens sometimes.

  • Maddy Carroll
    Maddy Carroll6 dager siden

    These videos stress me oUT

  • C. Yu
    C. Yu6 dager siden

    hey i love nicole pls bring her back always

  • ainsley harrower
    ainsley harrower6 dager siden

    The music change from when the professional was pouring her cheesecake cut to zack 😂😂😂

  • Acacia Yuan
    Acacia Yuan6 dager siden

    I think Eugenes goal is to make the judges so drunk that their judgement is swayed

  • lubbers maltby
    lubbers maltby6 dager siden

    The talented price separately impress because thing significantly look behind a godly acrylic. jumpy, wild insulation

  • Dee
    Dee6 dager siden

    the judge in the pink shirt really just ruins the video

  • m p
    m p6 dager siden

    very good job

  • Erniebyrd1214
    Erniebyrd12146 dager siden

    When 2nd place doesn’t even get recognition

  • Lara Lepo

    Lara Lepo

    4 dager siden

    Lmao tru. The ending was way to snappy for a 40 minute long video

  • Moira MacDonald
    Moira MacDonald6 dager siden

    I hurt for Ned during the critique

  • LiamMcfarlane13
    LiamMcfarlane136 dager siden

    “You didn’t have a plan” Well a plan for making food is a recipe... which kinda defeats the point of the series, justice for Ned! 😂

  • Radhika Sharma
    Radhika Sharma6 dager siden

    What i feel About the whole Nicole thing - 1. She was a bit rude (not that some others judges weren't, but her comment at the moment kind of ruined the fun part of video for me. Like I always get excited for the judgement part, coz its so funny. But this one came off as straight rude to me.... That too before I even scrolled down to see the comments. And I thought only I'm thinking like that ) 2. Some people said that their food has been called dog food before so it's not a big deal. I think dog food is still someone's food. Calling it garbage is saying that it cannot be eaten by anyone. It can be eaten. Try asking that to someone who has to sleep hungry. Another example to make you understand the difference - if your clothes are torn, and you say it's garbage, try asking the same thing to someone who doesn't get to cover themselves when it's cold outside and they don't have homes and sleep in cold like that.

  • shoup luci
    shoup luci7 dager siden

    The limping ladybug reassuringly memorise because year briefly repair pro a infamous network. juvenile, brief sock

  • Lilli Williamson
    Lilli Williamson7 dager siden

    do cupcakes!

  • Aisha Azeemah
    Aisha Azeemah7 dager siden

    I appreciate the guys pinning their request to direct negative feedback about the judging in this ep towards them not the judges so here it is... The reason i love try guys WAR over actual pro cooking shows is because its lighthearted and fun and they aren't expected to excel at it, its supposed to be funny and chill. Harsh judging makes some of us viewers anxious and nervous and usually WAR doesn't do that. I was so nervous and uncomfortable every time the camera was on that judge because while i know the guys will take the criticism in stride, to me it felt like watching a friend get told off in class by the unreasonably angry teacher we all had at some point. It took away from the reason i like WAR over pro cooking competitions. It made me too anxious and uncomfy. I do understand that she meant it as humour and i've got nothing against her at all, on a pro show she'd be the nice one! But that does nothing to calm my inner nervous child who was just terrified every time she spoke on this show because for this particular show that was so unexpected and unfortunately in a bad way... tldr; i was not expecting anything but lighthearted chill fun times because thats what WAR usually is so the negative feedback triggered me into just being anxious and uncomfortable every time that harsher judge was on camera. No hate on her tho, it just didn't work for this show.

  • Aisha Azeemah

    Aisha Azeemah

    7 dager siden

    the most triggering bit being that she said he made excuses. It feels awful to genuinely try something outside the box only to have it shat on and then to make it worse they believe you just messed up and can't own up to that. He DID say that was his idea while he was making it. It was not just excuses.

  • Kitsune Kasai
    Kitsune Kasai7 dager siden

    Yikes Nicole forgot this was just fun :S

  • Caden Amstutz
    Caden Amstutz7 dager siden

    Yeah pink shirts just not the right vibe. While probably right yall have had several critical but lighthearted people before

  • Demon Yu
    Demon Yu7 dager siden

    Nicole did not passed the vibe check

  • Lily Shaw
    Lily Shaw8 dager siden

    Literally WHAT was that judge trying to prove? Is she trying to flirt? Are you trying to flex? It actively ruined the episode for me watching her try and neg the boys so she can seem? Superior? Christ. It’s their show. We’re here to have fun.

  • Sarah Soderstrom
    Sarah Soderstrom8 dager siden

    Gonna go ahead and say the Nicole Rucker is probably my least favourite judge that has ever been on Without a Recipe. I just found her to be irritating and not enjoyable to watch. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but just not my slice of cheesecake.

  • Masuba
    Masuba8 dager siden

    I loved Nicole !

  • Abby Kerrigan
    Abby Kerrigan8 dager siden

    Idec I thought she was so fucking funny

  • Spirit_KingCJ
    Spirit_KingCJ8 dager siden

    Without a recipe idea: The Try Guys Make Pasta Without A Recipe

  • Aramena
    Aramena9 dager siden

    i don't like that nicole chick

  • Robyn Deller
    Robyn Deller9 dager siden

    I love Nicole she's so funny and direct

  • Megan Bowen
    Megan Bowen9 dager siden

    I adore the fact that Ned hides that he is a millionaire

  • Eleanora Dzen
    Eleanora Dzen9 dager siden

    Butter pecan icecream That sounds so ✨EXPENCIVE✨ No, seriously, the price of Pecans is up there compared to many other nuts plus they are naturally sweet so putting them in butter and then in icecream... It's mindblowing in a confusing way

  • SSJAPY 2
    SSJAPY 29 dager siden

    "I'm disappointed before i even took a bite" has me dying

  • yoav zafrir
    yoav zafrir9 dager siden

    19:28 My dad the day after he gets drunk

  • TaRa0350
    TaRa03509 dager siden

    Ok I thought Nicole was hilarious. Came across less Simon Cowell and more RuPaul for me but either way the reads were clearly in good fun. I also felt like she was bringing real technical knowledge to the table!!

  • Kells G
    Kells G9 dager siden

    The reasons why I like Asians more and more...

  • Kells G
    Kells G9 dager siden

    Wow I like "Go get them 🐯"

  • Lex Clark
    Lex Clark10 dager siden

    I am not a fan of the lady in the pink. She seems really, really condescending and rude.

  • Hikari 23
    Hikari 2310 dager siden

    Try guys make pudding without a recipe

  • Theatrical Lizard
    Theatrical Lizard10 dager siden

    3:12 Me sitting here eating no bake cheese cake

  • Maryam Qaqos
    Maryam Qaqos10 dager siden

    y'all want Gordan Fucking Ramsey but hated Nicole and honestly to me it seems like its bc Nicole's a Women

  • Hail C
    Hail C10 dager siden

    Not to be rude or anything but that girl in the pink needs to chill... I get it might be her sense of humour but it’s not even funny, it was almost rude.

  • Cutie Judy
    Cutie Judy11 dager siden

    kieth is so fkin funny

  • Drake Modery
    Drake Modery11 dager siden

    NGL..... lady in pink, kind of an a$$hole, not a great judge by any means, rest of the vid was great tho!

  • Missy Moly
    Missy Moly11 dager siden

    Pls have your mates try to judge

  • kelly mcclain
    kelly mcclain11 dager siden

    The try guys vs a family member.

  • kelly mcclain
    kelly mcclain11 dager siden

    Professional cook or baker vs the try. Professionals first time cooking or baking not what they know, something new. And see who would win.

  • kelly mcclain
    kelly mcclain11 dager siden

    Just give them the ingredients only. Not the amount of the ingredients or directions. If they add an ingredient they are on there own , for there show.

  • bee
    bee11 dager siden

    the fact u could see how uncomfortable they were when nicole spoke 😭

  • Felicia Hernandez
    Felicia Hernandez11 dager siden

    Try guys without a recipe ideas for next season, pasta noodles-maybe a tortellini or ravioli-a restaurant in my hometown makes a Shepard’s pie ravioli served with gravy and it’s bomb, but an idea of how creative they can get. Macaroons, or some kind of candy like candy apples, taffy. Love you guys and thank you for your amazing content, I enjoy binge watching without a recipe and have challenged myself a few times during quarantine.

  • Alex Firebaugh
    Alex Firebaugh11 dager siden

    Nicole tore into the poor guys

  • Lol Hahaha
    Lol Hahaha11 dager siden

    Who else was proud afff of Keith

  • Lucifer’s Gay Child
    Lucifer’s Gay Child12 dager siden

    Nicole’s judging was so refreshing, I love her energy! She’s hilarious and snappy!

  • Gladys Gonzalez
    Gladys Gonzalez12 dager siden

    Try guys should try learning a new language ^

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace12 dager siden

    I don’t understand what people are talking about. I love Nicole and think she’s hilarious. I’m British and maybe it just leans more into our sense of humour but she was cracking me up with her dry sarcastic comments

  • Eleanor Durkee
    Eleanor Durkee12 dager siden

    I love when Jimmy was talking about Eugene and Keith's cheesecakes, Ned was drinking and saying "wowww" "really?" So sarcastically