Keith Finds The Best Pizza


#Ad Today on Tailgate debate Keith & his friends are on a mission to find the best Pizza in LA! Which driver do you think will win this time? Thanks to CarGurus for sponsoring a portion of this video.
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Special thanks to these LA restaurants, Jon & Vinny's, Desano Pizzeria, and Masa of Echo Park! If you're in town support a local business today!
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  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean185 timer siden


  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean185 timer siden

    Chicky - you have pepperoni and cheese. No shit there’s gonna be grease. You’re finding the best, indulging, pizza in L.A. You ain’t look for your low fat, gluten free, vegan, soy-free, organic pizza that you can find (I assume) anywhere in the trendy L.A. restaurants

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean185 timer siden

    So much envy for the privileged people who live in L.A. xD

  • Amber O
    Amber O19 timer siden

    1:19 holy shit I had no idea u went to high school in NAPERVILLE, we were definitely in the same places during that time and I probably knew some people who knew you! That is wild, the world is too small lol

    SHEY DP4 dager siden

    eat lechon next

  • Ohh! MG
    Ohh! MG4 dager siden

    Chicago style is not a pizza, it's a cross between a casserole and a pie. Not a pizza pie, but a pie pie.

  • missreds88
    missreds884 dager siden

    I really like this format, it's a fun variation of the "trying food" genre that you can do safely while also supporting local businesses. Keep it up!

    RICHARD BULLEN5 dager siden

    That first pizza - charred crust = BURNT crust. Why is burnt pizza a plus?

    INDIAN GAMER5 dager siden

    Disanos cause neopolitan is the best

  • Airis Soraya
    Airis Soraya7 dager siden

    Please make more food videos I love them

  • Kaylo Price
    Kaylo Price7 dager siden

    I think the pizza that they got from Keith's place looks like the kind that I would go for the first piece of looked really good too. Not really a fan of something that's so saucey like the last pizza.🍕🍕

  • Ashby Young
    Ashby Young8 dager siden

    Ryan looks like Chris Watts.

  • Charliebrownfan 420
    Charliebrownfan 4208 dager siden

    Bring em all back!

  • Brittany North
    Brittany North8 dager siden

    That John and Vinnys pizza 😳 looked so good

  • Big Juicy
    Big Juicy8 dager siden

    At 4:09 am I the only one that thought that he said ketchup

  • Charlotte Bol
    Charlotte Bol8 dager siden

    i love how fast Keith talks during the ad.

  • Victoria Di Castro-Horn
    Victoria Di Castro-Horn9 dager siden

    Masa isn’t pizza. They may have found the best Chicago style pizza but as an Italian, they just isn’t pizza. No.

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson9 dager siden

    Alyssa on an episode of you can sit with us please if not she should definitely be on more episodes

  • Harrison Perry
    Harrison Perry9 dager siden

    I wasted money on that stupid sauce. I tasted it then put it where it belongs. In the trash.

  • Harrison Perry
    Harrison Perry9 dager siden

    She’s definitely been to some BLM riots. This channel is so woke it’s ridiculous

  • Swarali Pawar

    Swarali Pawar

    7 dager siden

    How do you know

  • minorking1121
    minorking11219 dager siden

    Those "free toppings" Keith was talking up are pretty much standard at any decent pizza place. If your pizza place doesn't have parmesan, garlic, red pepper, and oregano at every table then you're going to the wrong place.

  • Harrison Perry
    Harrison Perry9 dager siden


  • Diana America Rivero
    Diana America Rivero10 dager siden

    When I read the title of this video, I was like, "They better include Masa of Echo Park and Mulberry Street Pizza." One out of two ain't bad, but you *should* have included Mulberry Street.

  • Miłośnik Życia
    Miłośnik Życia10 dager siden

    How tight do you want your shirt to be? Brian: yes

  • RunkyMunky
    RunkyMunky10 dager siden

    Isn’t it illegal to drive with earbuds on

  • soshiangel90
    soshiangel9010 dager siden

    *runs around screaming* CHI-CA-GO! CHI-CA-GO!!!

  • Akinia
    Akinia10 dager siden

    I looooove balsamic on my pizza. I love going to Mod/ Blaze Pizza and making my own and I always put balsamic drizzle on it!! ~chefs kiss~ And go Chi-Town! Gotta love my downtown's pizza! xD

  • Asthetically •Pleasing•
    Asthetically •Pleasing•11 dager siden

    There's nothing better than flat crusted loaded supreme pizza without olives of course lmao

  • Tyler Redenbach
    Tyler Redenbach11 dager siden

    She seems a total snob

  • Val Willham
    Val Willham11 dager siden

    4:06 this man knew he would be on camera for the whole internet to see and he still wore his mask below his nose

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr11 dager siden

    MORE ALYSSA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr11 dager siden


  • Sims4 Sarah
    Sims4 Sarah11 dager siden

    Masa's Warm Croissant Bread Pudding is one of the best desserts I've had in LA.

  • kurama llama
    kurama llama11 dager siden

    That is true i personally not a deep dish fan its too much for me >. Id try Keith pizza choice I do love the atmosphere along with my food.

  • Minahel
    Minahel11 dager siden

    They have little caesars outside of michigan/the midwest??

  • Jason Song
    Jason Song11 dager siden

    Lol Ryan's comment on how the pizza reminded him of Ninja Turtles and how the pizza tasted to them - I THOUGHT THIS TOO WHILE I WAS WATCHING THIS HAHAHA 😂

  • ralmilk
    ralmilk11 dager siden

    Annnnd now I desperately want pizza

  • Jonathan Is A Meme
    Jonathan Is A Meme12 dager siden

    What about New Jersey?

  • Lexy Martin
    Lexy Martin12 dager siden

    That intro is why I love keith🤣🤣

  • CassonMD
    CassonMD12 dager siden

    Deep dish is not pizza. It’s lasagna

  • Dani Doubleday
    Dani Doubleday12 dager siden

    I love Alyssa's hair

  • The P4xXm4N
    The P4xXm4N12 dager siden

    You went to nequa?!?! Lmao that sucks! Metea is way better!! We are both better than wabonsie though!

  • Kurt Tomongin
    Kurt Tomongin12 dager siden

    elios pizza on sunset >>>

  • Emily Ballantyne
    Emily Ballantyne12 dager siden

    did anyone watch this and not instantly feeling like pizza!!!

  • Narith Lifestyle
    Narith Lifestyle12 dager siden

    It’s so fun 🤩 nice sharing 👍 Please all of you stay safe and healthy 😊

  • Michael Sotomayor
    Michael Sotomayor12 dager siden

    Caraway is delicious.. how dare you prod at it like that lmao. THE ONLY reason sausage tastes the way it does is because of Caraway seeds. You take that away.. and it'll take like pork chops -.-

  • Danielly Lopes
    Danielly Lopes12 dager siden

    I loooove Tailgate debate!! It's so funny and cool!

  • Gruzuk
    Gruzuk12 dager siden

    It's unfortunate you had to have this competition in california :/ I'm sorry for your loss.

  • mreyes14404
    mreyes1440412 dager siden

    Can we all start a gofund me for Keith so he can buy some AirPods please. The whole video I wanted to fruit ninja those wired headphones.

  • Miriam
    Miriam12 dager siden

    Keith:"Let's take a little bite." **continues to eat half the slice**

  • Nikki
    Nikki12 dager siden

    Where...where is this series coming from? I’ve never heard of it before. I have the sudden realization that I have seriously been missing out.

  • Michelle
    Michelle12 dager siden

    Plot Twist: It's nowhere. Unless it's Chicago Style Pizza. Thank you

  • Ruby Alice Martha
    Ruby Alice Martha13 dager siden

    Anyone else notice how they wrote Ryan & Alyssas pizza instead of Brian & Alyssa? Someone editing doesn't know these guys names

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous13 dager siden

    Jon & Vinnys: Best pizza for yourself (cuz 'dem pepperonis) Desanos: Best pizza for a date (cuz 'dat old school vibe) Masa: Best pizza for a group (cuz 'dat thiccness)

  • Lee-Anne K
    Lee-Anne K13 dager siden

    The last pizza looked like the leftovers of an autopsy...

  • Rima Mondal
    Rima Mondal13 dager siden

    Her voice reminds me of Nasim Pedrad from SNL/New Girls.

  • Annaeeee
    Annaeeee13 dager siden

    I'm really enjoying this series. I know you guys are social distancing and that's why you're in different cars, but I think it adds to the show! I'm loving the guests too!

  • Johnson Thomas
    Johnson Thomas13 dager siden

    The scary sagittarius perceptually extend because map preliminarily concern minus a third meeting. normal, puffy current

  • Julie Pudelek
    Julie Pudelek13 dager siden

    Being a midwest girl, I understand the comforts needing a deep dish pizza (especially in a place that doesn't have it as often) as the winner. (I am from the Detroit area, so our deep dish is different, but I do love and respect the Chicago pizza.)

  • sux 2 suk
    sux 2 suk13 dager siden

    NO ONE WILL SAY IT BUT I WILL....WIRED HEADPHONES?????? PLS!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾

  • Ellen Martin
    Ellen Martin13 dager siden

    Keith needs wireless headphones. At least for videos.

  • Grace A
    Grace A13 dager siden

    Dang it now I want pizza! I loved everyone and all their options! Please keep this show going! :)

  • Lim Tang
    Lim Tang13 dager siden

    The powerful beet allegedly meddle because plasterboard biophysically inject midst a quixotic beam. profuse, white paul

  • Zion Luke
    Zion Luke13 dager siden

    Keith talking in broke while everyone with airpods

  • Zion Luke
    Zion Luke13 dager siden

    Best LA Pizza looks like mediocre NYC pizza

  • Halomoon
    Halomoon13 dager siden


  • Tyler Kim
    Tyler Kim13 dager siden

    To think I lived right behind his high school while he was attending it. To think I could’ve met Keith at one of the many events I went to as a young child at Neuqua Valley and don’t even remember. That’s wild.

  • Luana Santos
    Luana Santos13 dager siden

    You're telling me she enjoyed wearing the little cesar's costume in arizona heat???

  • Belial 777

    Belial 777

    10 dager siden

    Now that's a nasty wap lol ew 🤣

  • Fabiola Ramirez
    Fabiola Ramirez13 dager siden

    Thank you for finally explaining what the actual Chicago pizza is!!

  • Courtney Lyn
    Courtney Lyn13 dager siden

    I wish they’d re-open the DeSano’s in the Ft Lauderdale airport 😋

  • Johan
    Johan13 dager siden

    Thats a pie and not a pizza....

  • 수영
    수영13 dager siden

    Video starts at 3:50

  • cutesymeg
    cutesymeg14 dager siden

    I entirely respect their opinions but they are getting pizza not in LA and not the NJ/NY area... so therefore it is not the best pizza.

  • Kayla Ball
    Kayla Ball14 dager siden

    Why does this feel like an actual tv show and not a NOlocal video? Lol

  • TheFlyinPanda91
    TheFlyinPanda9114 dager siden

    Listen to FaceJam!!! All the food reviews!!

  • Hanshika
    Hanshika14 dager siden

    This video is torturing when you're starving and your closest pizzaria is a 2 hour drive

  • Hannah Jane
    Hannah Jane14 dager siden

    ok but alyssa was everything. more of him.

  • Dalia E
    Dalia E14 dager siden

    Great video!! It is actually 6 feet apart AND masked, viral particles can definitely get to you if you are only 6 ft distanced with masks off. Stay safe

  • carlie thorson
    carlie thorson14 dager siden

    me eating a jack's pizza from the gas station at 11:30 pm: no keith, THIS is the best pizza

  • random name
    random name14 dager siden


  • SilentDay
    SilentDay14 dager siden

    Friendship AND taxidermy? Now that is a powerful couple

  • Éros Jackson
    Éros Jackson14 dager siden

    Alyssa's "Pizza Pizza" is excellent!

  • MP Reaper
    MP Reaper14 dager siden

    Let's see Keith try different foods with his sauce. First up? Ice cream!

  • Hilary Heiman
    Hilary Heiman14 dager siden

    Why do they keep saying "fold the pizza" as if it's a good thing. If you have to fold the pizza the crust has failed you.

  • fishtailsushi
    fishtailsushi14 dager siden

    This is so wild to me to hear that Ryan Garcia, Keith Habs and I went to the same high school. I am literally watching this video in my old Neuqua sweat pants

  • Nathaniel Albrecht
    Nathaniel Albrecht14 dager siden

    Best video of 2021 just because of the brief 'outer space' edit.

  • people person
    people person14 dager siden

    3-year-old Orson and 4-year-old Orrin West have been missing for 45 days in California City, CA.120,000$ for information of their whereabouts

  • N Kid
    N Kid14 dager siden

    Hold up I leave for a couple of months and Kieth looks so different!!!!😍😍😍

  • Jonathan Rosario
    Jonathan Rosario14 dager siden

    Not to nit pick but that wasn’t the scene she was talking about in The Goofy Movie

  • Daisy Denton
    Daisy Denton14 dager siden

    Her hair is so gorgeous 😍

  • Neiltf1
    Neiltf114 dager siden

    Ryan 😍😍😍😍

  • Christen Gomez
    Christen Gomez14 dager siden

    Yes want to see all of them back.

  • Hannah Sears
    Hannah Sears14 dager siden

    Watching the chick trying to eat the deep dish was so frustrating

  • Toni Palmiere
    Toni Palmiere14 dager siden

    Bring them all back! Their own series with you guys like the Food Babies! “ Keith’s Pal Patrol”

  • Emma Bath AndBeyond
    Emma Bath AndBeyond14 dager siden

    *Please come to New York (one day when it’s safer) and do this Keith!!!*

  • kurokoru
    kurokoru14 dager siden

    Small typo at the end with Ryan & Alyssa winning.. got me confused for a wee bit

  • kcouch1986
    kcouch198614 dager siden

    Video starts 4 mins in

  • Honey Moon
    Honey Moon14 dager siden

    As someone from NJ, I was today years old when I found out other ppl didn’t regularly put toppings on their pizza. Ordering extra oil on the side (to dip the crust in) and having crushed peppers, cheese, and garlic to shake on top is the most normal thing to me lol not that our pizza even needs it (bc we have the best authentic pizza in the US)...but wow lol

  • SirRizzo 10
    SirRizzo 1014 dager siden

    Deep dish isn’t pizza

  • Hello Blablabla
    Hello Blablabla14 dager siden

    Wait a Minute a video named 'nude self portraits' was released some minutes ago and now it's gone.. WTF 😳