Keith Finds The Best Burger EVER


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Welcome back to Tailgate Debate! This week Keith and friends are hitting the road to find the best burger joint in LA! Shop our brand new Try Guys ROYAL Color Line Sweats available on now! And get Keith's burger + chicken sauce at!
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys3 måneder siden

    Shop our brand new Try Guys ROYAL Color Line Sweats available on now! And get Keith's burger + chicken sauce at!

  • Luella Karpoff

    Luella Karpoff

    2 måneder siden

    BRO I LOVED THIS SERIES! I want MORE!!!!!! LOVE THE GUESTS! BRING IT BACK! Name the video differently and have a better thumbnail!!!!

  • Nidhi Pathak

    Nidhi Pathak

    2 måneder siden

    If would get some powers...I will give millions and trillions of like on every video....just for keith❤️

  • Veronika I

    Veronika I

    2 måneder siden

    Yuka, pronounced (You-Ka)

  • opineso fine

    opineso fine

    3 måneder siden

    Why does royal green look darker on the pictures then on Zach?

  • Bitchiamapotato Ha

    Bitchiamapotato Ha

    3 måneder siden

    If you want a GOOD burger go to Wall bangers. Look it up and you can see the bugler and you will see what I mean

  • Imani Celestin
    Imani Celestin4 dager siden

    Garrick kept saying "Wap" ass carrots, and I just wanted to correct him lol. It would just be WAC lol.

  • bruh bruh!
    bruh bruh!7 dager siden


  • arieanusvids
    arieanusvids8 dager siden

    I'm born and raised vegetarian. I fully appreciate Monty's being included!! I've only had it once since I've moved out of California but it was amazing!

  • thefloatingrock
    thefloatingrock12 dager siden

    I've had all of those... Golden State crushes all of them.

  • Xiven
    Xiven12 dager siden

    I was not prepared for how many one-liners Garrick was about to drop.

  • j b
    j b14 dager siden

    I love ur friends

  • eastportland
    eastportland14 dager siden

    On my first ever visit to LA, I'm heading straight to Never Say Die.

  • Rocky Solmon
    Rocky Solmon14 dager siden

    Mr beast burger is without a doubt the best burgers

  • Duong Hiep Ha
    Duong Hiep Ha15 dager siden

    The petite disgust undoubtedly crush because hammer functionally fancy to a confused dryer. lackadaisical, imaginary dashboard

  • Pedro Duarte
    Pedro Duarte15 dager siden

    Garrick sounds exaclty like Donald Glover.

  • AshBaeChamp
    AshBaeChamp17 dager siden

    Fire...tornadoes?? This Canadian is concerned lol!

  • Jbmhstpatterson
    Jbmhstpatterson17 dager siden

    Lol 7:40 they do make baby hot dogs in bags filled with water 😂 lil smokies

  • princesssadieloo
    princesssadieloo23 dager siden

    Yea for Yuca’s! Ah, I miss you Los Feliz, missing my hometown hood!

  • audbhitnote
    audbhitnote23 dager siden

    The temporary typhoon unequivocally spoil because repair adversely extend vice a spectacular earth. different, elite flare

  • Dale Bogucki
    Dale Bogucki26 dager siden

    Yes! Bring them back!

  • Jon M
    Jon M27 dager siden

    14 bucks for a burger with no meat?!

  • Teddy Gladish
    Teddy GladishMåned siden

    There needs to be a food named after Keith, and no one can change my mind, the food HAS to be be the greaciest most unhealthy food ever

  • Chelsey Hussein
    Chelsey HusseinMåned siden

    I love this series so much

  • ipissed
    ipissedMåned siden

    If you think you are not hurting anything because you are eating plants, guess what. Hundreds of acres of jungle forest are being burned down every day to grow those plants. Guess what else, there were animals that were living there. Vegan is currently the biggest marketing wank on the planet. When they invest heavily in lab grown meat, they will tell you that vegan is bad for the planet because of global warming and then you will flock to the lab meat because you are stupid sheep.

  • palak singhal
    palak singhalMåned siden

    Believe it or not Keith is real life Marshall Eriksen!

  • Zhayra Castillo
    Zhayra CastilloMåned siden

    More tailgate debate pls ❤️❤️❤️

  • Zhayra Castillo
    Zhayra CastilloMåned siden

    Im still waiting for the next video

  • Kristina Imshaite
    Kristina ImshaiteMåned siden

    I love this show sm it's so fun and deserves wayyyy more views. 'It used to be a button factory... Now it's the set of new girl' (≧▽≦)

  • Kristina Imshaite
    Kristina ImshaiteMåned siden

    Love that they all agreed and went with Keith's claim that the third burger could be a puppet. Supportive friends right there

  • Hope Lasseter
    Hope LasseterMåned siden

    I love how y’all are social distancing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Julia DiSilvestro
    Julia DiSilvestroMåned siden


  • Jenna Teigland
    Jenna TeiglandMåned siden

    Day 63 of requesting Try Guys Try Professional Swimming/Springboard Diving (once it’s safe to do so)

  • shecutie
    shecutieMåned siden


  • Ella M
    Ella MMåned siden

    Keith you really need to stop pronouncing Los Feliz wrong 😂

  • Brittany Nicole
    Brittany NicoleMåned siden

    im late to this video but you can in fact buy baby hotdogs like you can buy baby, in a bag, and wet....theyre called cocktail wienies

  • Marte Olsen
    Marte OlsenMåned siden

    omg I love this series!

  • BoomerSFT
    BoomerSFT2 måneder siden

    “WAP” Carrots: Wet Ass Produce

  • Tess G
    Tess G2 måneder siden

    when Keith pronounces "Feliz" "fee-lez"

  • Corbyn Hansen
    Corbyn Hansen2 måneder siden

    and here I am living in a town with 1 food place to choose between

  • Miles Dzineku
    Miles Dzineku2 måneder siden

    Let’s appreciate that clean M2 for a sec*

  • LuckySeven
    LuckySeven2 måneder siden

    Vegan sucks. It is what is making people stupid, depressed, fat and awful. We were meant to eat meat. You can't feed a lion Cheerios.

  • Megan C
    Megan C2 måneder siden

    Vienna sausages are the baby carrots of hotdogs

  • Isabel Christie
    Isabel Christie2 måneder siden

    "What if little hot dogs came in bags like baby carrots?" Keith has never had Lil smokies before and it shows.

  • ChalkmanVideo
    ChalkmanVideo2 måneder siden

    yes keep this format, very much enjoyed watching

  • FlyboyElm
    FlyboyElm2 måneder siden

    That middle burger looked sooooo good

  • Personal Jesus
    Personal Jesus2 måneder siden

    The best burger I have ever had was in Las Vegas at Fuku Burger! Wish they had nationwide locations!

  • Personal Jesus
    Personal Jesus2 måneder siden

    I want to see them visit another city(could be touristy cities or ones outside big cities) to find that city's local favorites, like how Keith found the best Chicken in New Orleans.

  • Demon Spanker
    Demon Spanker2 måneder siden

    Ima just say this Plant lives matter too. 🌱

  • Gianfranco Tapia
    Gianfranco Tapia2 måneder siden

    The best burger ever is in a latin restaurant! Yall know we got the food game down!

  • TheToxicZombie
    TheToxicZombie2 måneder siden

    Y'know I've really been enjoying this series and its laid back energy but I'm really most impressed by what an ingenious and simple solution it it to keep filming in quarantine

  • Josh Dutczak
    Josh Dutczak2 måneder siden

    Garek reminds me of Urijah Hall. Frfr. Lol

  • Michelle Hammonds
    Michelle Hammonds2 måneder siden

    You guys should put the special burger together and try it. Bun from one, meat from the other and veggies from the last one

  • Kermyt Padilla
    Kermyt Padilla2 måneder siden

    YU-CAs NOT YUCK-As 😭

  • Naturally Rach
    Naturally Rach2 måneder siden

    Yey! Black people!

  • Kassady Maree
    Kassady Maree2 måneder siden

    a krabby patty..bruhhh them krabby patties THICKKKKKK not like dat🧐

  • Krispy
    Krispy2 måneder siden

    Loved your guests. Please bring them back for another episode.

  • Kathryn Dawson
    Kathryn Dawson2 måneder siden

    More Rashawn!

  • Michelle Gomez
    Michelle Gomez2 måneder siden

    I like how they're surprised the best burger came from a taco stand, when the best burger I've ever had was from a little stand in Mexico

  • Mark Shanks
    Mark Shanks2 måneder siden

    The best burger in LA is still Original Tommy's. (

  • Neutral High
    Neutral High2 måneder siden

    Fun fact! That has nothing to do with the video but colors! The color purple is actually a royal color! Since the color purple was very hard to get ( the color purple was made from a lot and when I say a lot I mean a LOT of snails but I can’t remember wich snail but yeah it’s a very hard color to get ) and only the royal ppl got the color purple bc again purple was a very VERY hard color to get. Also great video

  • DJ StaRyu
    DJ StaRyu3 måneder siden

    why does it look like five guys would demolish all these local joints lol

  • Madeleine Ramos
    Madeleine Ramos3 måneder siden


  • Baka Pierre
    Baka Pierre3 måneder siden

    Keith: the interests most notorious glutton Matt Stonie: am I a joke to you?

  • Felix Svedenblad
    Felix Svedenblad3 måneder siden

    garrick maybe it's hot because of global warming

  • staramuletart
    staramuletart3 måneder siden

    I love this new show

  • Renee Lane
    Renee Lane3 måneder siden

    0:00 PAUSEEE.... why are Keith’s legs so beautifully smooth??!! 😭 i ENVY them💀💀

  • cowgrlprincess
    cowgrlprincess3 måneder siden

    Mexican places make the best burgers and ya'll cant fight me on this

  • Ivy b
    Ivy b3 måneder siden

    Good ingredients made simple is always a winner!!!!

  • V
    V3 måneder siden

    More of these videos please

  • opineso fine
    opineso fine3 måneder siden

    Twisted metal reference for the win! ( twisted metal 2 is my fav)

  • Aayukta Raut
    Aayukta Raut3 måneder siden

    Rashawn's grandma analogy and Garrick's Frank Ocean part sjksjsk ACCURATE 😂😂😂😂

  • Abby kryeski
    Abby kryeski3 måneder siden

    the vegan one was the only one that looked good to me💀

  • Helene Hedegaard
    Helene Hedegaard3 måneder siden

    The Monty burger looks the best,,, the other two looks so sloppy an greasy

  • talie
    talie3 måneder siden

    please do a part 2 and try that mixed burger please

  • BlackGirlGuidance
    BlackGirlGuidance3 måneder siden

    Burgers Never Say Die gives me Midwest, Steak n Shake. I love it

  • BlackGirlGuidance
    BlackGirlGuidance3 måneder siden

    Yuka’s looked yuck

  • Claude Diamond
    Claude Diamond3 måneder siden

    you guys are funny:-) In n Out still rules however

  • Soli Stardust
    Soli Stardust3 måneder siden

    This video was so fun to watch! Everyone's attitude is so positive and they all seem so genuine.

  • Amanda Zelezniak
    Amanda Zelezniak3 måneder siden

    I much preferred this episode to the last! Really fun!

  • MCA 15
    MCA 153 måneder siden

    Watching this while eating a hamburger

  • Jailyn Alderman
    Jailyn Alderman3 måneder siden

    Keith: talking about how weird it would be if there was such a thing as mini hotdogs in water packaged together(7:45) Me a Midwestern: lil smokies

  • Brittany Bishop
    Brittany Bishop3 måneder siden

    Does Keith realize they do sell hotdogs like carrots...? Cause cocktail weenies are legit just tiny hotdogs in a plastic bag with a bit of water.

  • Jenny Park
    Jenny Park3 måneder siden

    amazing how they can eat 3 burgers in a row :0

  • Julia Sison
    Julia Sison3 måneder siden


  • ly op
    ly op3 måneder siden

    was this p[osted during covid ? plz tell me i cant read dates

  • Freedomcat
    Freedomcat3 måneder siden

    do Korean BBQ and get Eugene in on it.

  • Nat Dabuét
    Nat Dabuét3 måneder siden

    i always love me some Garrick!!!

  • Ryry Coy
    Ryry Coy3 måneder siden

    You should combine all burger together

  • Madison Mings
    Madison Mings3 måneder siden

    Now the only thing to do is take all the things you guys liked make that burger and see how it taste and YES bring them back too this one was hilarious too!!!

  • pmp
    pmp3 måneder siden


  • Christine Dronebarger
    Christine Dronebarger3 måneder siden

    You guys together are so funny!!

  • savannah elliott
    savannah elliott3 måneder siden

    this is maybe my new favorite try guys series, this is such a cool way to promote local businesses and collaborate with other creators safely!!!! i love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KC Chic Designs
    KC Chic Designs3 måneder siden

    Burger war!!! 😂😂😂

  • Alex Rayne
    Alex Rayne3 måneder siden

    I love your friends I want them back for another episode 🥺 they make me happy

  • Yaron Karmi
    Yaron Karmi3 måneder siden

    Garrick bernard has such a white voice

  • owlie
    owlie3 måneder siden

    I know that it's part of the concept but it's not very eco-friendly to use three separate cars like that 🤷 I love the show tho

  • owlie


    3 måneder siden

    @Pissboy_ that makes sense

  • Pissboy_


    3 måneder siden

    I think they are trying to social distance

  • Alt Dimas
    Alt Dimas3 måneder siden

    Keith is so annoying does he have an off switch if so he should use because he should really shut up 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Pissboy_


    3 måneder siden

    Why are you watching?

  • Gabrielle Marie
    Gabrielle Marie3 måneder siden

    I loooove this video so much!!! I love your guests they are so hilarious! I love your chemistry. More please!!!💕

  • Sparsh Pathak
    Sparsh Pathak3 måneder siden

    Lol, this channel is turning into buzzfeed.

  • Jasmine Carreon
    Jasmine Carreon3 måneder siden

    Hearing Keith say yucas wrong just hurts me in my soul especially being Hispanic T-T it’s pronounced “you-ca” I still love you

  • The Time is Now

    The Time is Now

    3 måneder siden

    Keith was the only one pronouncing it correctly. But he went back and forth with saying it right and saying it wrong 🙄.

  • Crystal Zimmermann
    Crystal Zimmermann3 måneder siden

    Lol Keith wanting baby hot dogs - Vienna Sausages are baby hot dogs in brine in a can 🤣

  • Aleli Alcaide
    Aleli Alcaide3 måneder siden

    This series needs more views. I love the guests, the support of small local businesses, and showcasing that good content can still be created during the Covid-19 era while maintaining social distance regulations. Thank you Keith and the rest of the team for such awesome content.

  • Gianna Aragona
    Gianna Aragona3 måneder siden

    My favorite burger place would probably be the Impossible burger at Hip Vegan in Ojai or for a fast food burger I'd get the chicken burger at Culvers.

  • Sarah Buss
    Sarah Buss3 måneder siden

    this is killing me I want to eat a burger so bad but my mom is high risk

  • The Time is Now

    The Time is Now

    3 måneder siden