Home-Cooked Vs. Chef's Japanese Jiggly Souffle Pancake


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Just in time for b-fast! Enjoy this delicious home-cooked version of the Japanese Jiggly Pancake from your fav NOlocal family ft. guest judges, Eugene, Keith and Nick! Check out KiwiCo.com/TryGuys for 50% off your first month of any subscription!
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  • Naya Nadrous
    Naya Nadrous21 time siden

    They're so cute 😢😢💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Dubious Terror0
    Dubious Terror03 dager siden

    So up until now my favorite series donr by the Try Guys was either Keith Eats The Menu, or Rank King. Now i think this series takes the cake. A really cool idea that i think my wife and I will try and duplicate monthly with our friends. I'm just upset I'm so late to the party.

  • lavanya i
    lavanya i4 dager siden

    Their faces when Eugene scored their pancakes 🥺🥺

  • carol
    carol8 dager siden

    The fluffy pancake given to Eugene looked undercooked compared to the others... 😱

  • Isabella M
    Isabella M10 dager siden

    The way Keith is jamming to the music haha

  • madison terry
    madison terry10 dager siden

    The truculent beggar advisably strap because whistle aetiologically nod amongst a macho scanner. disgusting, royal siamese

  • Josh Landers
    Josh Landers11 dager siden

    Keith giving us new McDonald's food is everything.

  • Ty Lee
    Ty Lee12 dager siden

    This entire episode gave me anxiety

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean1813 dager siden

    They totally were looking for affirmation, like Eugene said. They had a whole show, they had a custom drink, and hey even had a crime brûlée dessert.

  • Chris C
    Chris C13 dager siden

    I like how they just default the matcha to Eugene. Their white is showing hard

  • Uma Venkataraman
    Uma Venkataraman13 dager siden

    why you are wearing a TIE while cooking ?

  • Olivia Astrid Theirin.
    Olivia Astrid Theirin.14 dager siden

    this is the second time i've heard 4am bay bridge instrumentals in a try guys video and i need to know who is responsible for this lmfao

  • Nalu Wilson
    Nalu Wilson16 dager siden

    I’m a baker and that wasn’t a stiff peek 😂😂🥰🥰

  • Katie Dina
    Katie Dina17 dager siden

    okay baby steps is by far the cutest thing in the history of the world

  • April Majors
    April Majors17 dager siden

    They are such a cute couple 🥰

  • eirum
    eirum20 dager siden


  • Kheira Waldock
    Kheira Waldock25 dager siden

    Eugene: it's delicious it's like a cloud Judging time: it was terrible Scores:1.1/10 The plot twist!🤣😳

  • • a d i s h t i • K
    • a d i s h t i • K25 dager siden

    they are literally such a good couple

  • Clalala Tayag
    Clalala Tayag28 dager siden

    The foamy bandana predictably yawn because comma conclusively test upon a ugly morning. divergent, big hell

  • Chavon Hawthorne
    Chavon Hawthorne29 dager siden

    Eugene: they... were... _terrible_ Me: WAIT. HUH. I-

  • ryder Shevlin
    ryder ShevlinMåned siden

    The first peak was a soft peak

  • itazuranakisu
    itazuranakisuMåned siden

    Bruh after watching the judging aspect that would’ve given me trust issues.

  • Lillie Blevins Walstrom
    Lillie Blevins WalstromMåned siden

    did anyone else catch the cut between eugene saying "and he's also" cut a few seconds "not gay"

  • Gizelle Gando
    Gizelle GandoMåned siden

    hmmm Matcha Pokey 23:54

  • Thoko Wright
    Thoko WrightMåned siden

    this is the whitest video I've ever watched

  • Loagan Cornett
    Loagan CornettMåned siden

    I have come from 2 months later just to say that neds outfit looks fantastic in this video

  • Old Cheese
    Old CheeseMåned siden


  • numberoneappgames
    numberoneappgamesMåned siden

    I love Ariel's eyes. Electric blue is so so beautiful.

  • Financial Shinanigan
    Financial ShinaniganMåned siden

    Ned's dad jokes are too matcha

  • Allison Fortkamp
    Allison FortkampMåned siden

    I started singing the Jigglypuff song along with Keith and Eugene, and now I feel like... Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that. Equal parts embarrassed and nostalgic, maybe?

  • Aqua Alex
    Aqua AlexMåned siden


  • Gen Gallagher
    Gen GallagherMåned siden

    Keith dancing to the flute is my favorite. Keith and I would be such good friends.

  • J V
    J VMåned siden

    I love when Nick is in the videos he has such a great presence idk what it is it’s his voice it’s like if santa was a sexy gay man

  • Kate Wright
    Kate WrightMåned siden

    I want more videos with Ariel! She's adorable and I love her

  • Derolix blazer
    Derolix blazerMåned siden

    Eugene is a good imposter confirmed

  • Avalon Project Wildfire
    Avalon Project WildfireMåned siden

    Lesson: Don't give Ned a tool with a laser in and expect him not to get distracted! :P

  • Avalon Project Wildfire
    Avalon Project WildfireMåned siden

    "I can't fluffing wait": much better fluffy pancake pun than the macha puns... Got a little chortle.

  • Cosmic Muffin
    Cosmic MuffinMåned siden

    Zach when he didn't get picked to judge: *triggered*

  • Heide Witzka
    Heide WitzkaMåned siden

    why did I like this so much

  • Leslie Neufeld
    Leslie NeufeldMåned siden

    Eugene totally made this video ! 👍🏻

  • Monica B
    Monica BMåned siden

    As a pastry chef...it hurt when they said the soft peaks of the first meringue was stiff...no Ned, no 😭

  • Ryu
    RyuMåned siden

    Eugene: they r so good! Also Eugene: oh how the turn tables

  • Rebecca Tang
    Rebecca TangMåned siden

    This is my favorite series that the try guys have on this channel

  • Lauren Lauren
    Lauren LaurenMåned siden

    Ned coming with the recorder and Keith doing his gig is everything!

  • Abby Aronski
    Abby AronskiMåned siden

    Where is your damn mask!!!!!

  • Jenna Teigland
    Jenna TeiglandMåned siden

    Day 67 of requesting Try Guys Try Professional Swimming/Springboard Diving (once it’s safe to do so)

  • KeiraA333
    KeiraA333Måned siden

    Apparently Im the only comment who noticed this: whoever edits the video misspelled "Pocky" as "pokey" -it aint a dance its a treat!

  • Monin Heng
    Monin HengMåned siden

    Yukihira Sōma’s soufflé Omlette

  • Gaurav Vikalp
    Gaurav VikalpMåned siden

    Hahahaha! The time Engine gave 1.1 , I lost it 😅!

  • Jessica L.
    Jessica L.Måned siden

    does the guy who works there not look like Fred armisen? lol

  • Hee Man
    Hee ManMåned siden

    The unhealthy stem epidemiologically flood because processing subcellularly sniff under a innate blanket. wistful, slim whiskey

  • hashtagmate
    hashtagmateMåned siden

    Y'all Eugene never lied, he complimented the sides and the matcha, y'all just don't listen closely

  • hashtagmate
    hashtagmateMåned siden

    It tasted so much like egg because it wasn't cooked enough! That's what makes this recipe so hard

  • Krutika
    KrutikaMåned siden

    Denise has a Rie vibe 🥺

  • Johnie McGrath
    Johnie McGrathMåned siden

    The alike yacht implicitly haunt because pest lately rinse plus a detailed mom. useful, nimble mimosa

  • The Destructor
    The Destructor2 måneder siden

    I don't know but watching them eat those pancakes while I ate my flat pancakes made me nauseous... Like watching all that sugar, it made me stop eating xd

  • skeleton
    skeleton2 måneder siden

    can we get a eugene babysitting ned next?

  • Sarah W
    Sarah W2 måneder siden

    I love how they had to cook in front of the guests. I felt like I was there at an awkward brunch party.

  • Liva ERKUL
    Liva ERKUL2 måneder siden

    21:04 - (hands clap) very helpful!

  • guess who
    guess who2 måneder siden

    They put in a straw-full of vinegar and they wonder why their pancake didn't taste like a pancake

  • Saleah Duke
    Saleah Duke2 måneder siden

    Ned: "But Keith doesn't eat dairy." Ariel: *Hand firmly on Ned's shoulder* "Oh. he will for this."

  • Mousumi'sKitchen
    Mousumi'sKitchen2 måneder siden

    Wow, Nice sharing.Thanks for providing helpful information in your video. This is a wonderful channel

  • Fortin Family
    Fortin Family2 måneder siden

    Ariels top is soo cute!

  • Helen Valen
    Helen Valen2 måneder siden

    Keith’s looked so good 😩😋

  • elenayjeon
    elenayjeon2 måneder siden

    30:35 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nick Cherry
    Nick Cherry2 måneder siden

    Ned is me w/ my infrared thermometer. Immediately points it at everything within range lmao.

  • İlkim Şen
    İlkim Şen2 måneder siden

    Ned and Ariel have such a great chemistry that anytime they look into each others' eyes, i feel like they're gonna start making out :D

  • Sabrina Butler
    Sabrina Butler2 måneder siden

    The quirky fang effectively ruin because thing optimally strip worth a supreme van. cooperative, righteous reduction

  • navypapercut


    2 måneder siden


  • Yasmin Oliveira
    Yasmin Oliveira2 måneder siden

    any one that is not from US was a bit worried when ned said his temperature was 31? dude that's hipotermia

  • iisazel X
    iisazel X2 måneder siden

    29:44 Eugene

  • LSP119 Minecraft
    LSP119 Minecraft2 måneder siden

    If you date someone who is really attractive... would you say you... kissaten (kiss a 10.. out of 10)

  • Ari K
    Ari K2 måneder siden

    I like how nick and eugene was so serious but Keith was just laughing and just enjoying his food

  • Erin
    Erin2 måneder siden

    More please!

  • Alexandra Horn
    Alexandra Horn2 måneder siden

    27:12 that's all I have to say.

  • lordoftheheavymetal
    lordoftheheavymetal2 måneder siden

    that thermometer sounds kinda wonky if Ariel is only 31 degrees Celsius. She would be dead. The normal body temp is 37 Celsius

  • Divya Joseph
    Divya Joseph2 måneder siden

    It's okay ariel and ned! Y'all tried and had fun so dont worry

  • Divya Joseph
    Divya Joseph2 måneder siden

    I want them to do this again, keep trying fulmers!!!

  • Divya Joseph
    Divya Joseph2 måneder siden

    Eugene was so kind

  • Savvy & Raggs
    Savvy & Raggs2 måneder siden

    Ariel has the prettiest skin!

  • Rafael Alejandro Caballero Gordillo
    Rafael Alejandro Caballero Gordillo2 måneder siden

    I love how Eugene reminds me of the Evil Rich Mom in a Korean TV Drama.

  • Anne Richmond
    Anne Richmond2 måneder siden

    Eugene is terrifying. My jaw was on the FLOOR.

  • Atlαѕ- Z
    Atlαѕ- Z2 måneder siden

    Ariel looked so genuinely hurt when Eugene revealed his score

  • CrownClown Creations
    CrownClown Creations2 måneder siden

    Eugene: This is my first date night Arial: And it won't be your last Eugene's mind, probably: I'm not so sure about that

  • Amy Chen
    Amy Chen2 måneder siden

    Nick is so attractive 💀💀💀

  • Kelsey Couch
    Kelsey Couch2 måneder siden

    I'm dying 😂🤣😂 Eugene just keeps eating the berries 🤣🤣🤣

  • princessrai26
    princessrai262 måneder siden

    I love everything about Ariel ♡

  • Suzy Pak
    Suzy Pak2 måneder siden

    why is no one talking about wes calling his guitar a tar.. im not crying you are

  • loving kakashi
    loving kakashi2 måneder siden

    zkjskdkksksks that's what they get for not focusing on the taste!!! do better next time you two 😂😆

  • Jood Abdulrahman
    Jood Abdulrahman2 måneder siden

    Normal pancakes are fluffy but not like FLUFFY just fluffy 😂 😂 😂

  • Foggymind
    Foggymind2 måneder siden

    When it legit comes up 30 seconds ads and u can’t skip 🥲🥲

  • Samantha Once
    Samantha Once2 måneder siden

    The way Keith through Eugene under the bus when he had to tell them it was bad 😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  • drln
    drln2 måneder siden

    26:45 this part was edited odd, i was uncomfortable ahaha

  • FruitsBasketCase
    FruitsBasketCase2 måneder siden

    Ned: this is the lowest score we have ever gotten. Eugene: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career.

  • Meyer Rosen
    Meyer Rosen2 måneder siden

    The wet liver generically borrow because specialist nutritionally empty following a sick random. opposite, far-flung barometer

  • GiraffeAtk
    GiraffeAtk2 måneder siden

    I looked down when they were cheering in the kitchen and I legit thought ned barked 🤣

  • Faiz Khalifa
    Faiz Khalifa2 måneder siden

    Just do me on that - NED 2020

  • Vanessa Grimaldo
    Vanessa Grimaldo2 måneder siden

    Favorite part was the jigglypuff song.

  • Alexis Flory
    Alexis Flory2 måneder siden

    Where it went wrong in your first try was that you were actually in soft peaks. Stiff peaks don't flop like that.

  • T W
    T W2 måneder siden

    When Ned and Ariel were talking to each other lovingly I felt like I should’ve turned off my phone to give them privacy.

  • Julie Baird
    Julie Baird2 måneder siden

    I never noticed HOW white Eugene's teeth are??????????????