Can 4 Guys Beat A Professional Golf Champion?


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Today we're teeing up with professional golfer Allison Lee to see if us 4 idiots can somehow beat a champion at her own game? Do you think anyone will be able to make a hole in one? Don't forget to get your tickets to our LIVE Virtual World Premiere on before they're gone!
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys2 måneder siden

    Don't forget to get your tickets to our LIVE Virtual World Premiere on before they're gone! And you can pre-order the Behind The Try Documentary on iTunes NOW!

  • Zayd Leighton

    Zayd Leighton

    14 dager siden

    dunno if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :)

  • idk randomstuff

    idk randomstuff

    2 måneder siden

    maybe one day we can see the USWNT on the channel 🥺🥺🥺

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    2 måneder siden

    @Someone hehehe same

  • imcrens1


    2 måneder siden

    Got mine

  • Cara Euler

    Cara Euler

    2 måneder siden

    I love that idea!

  • Redfinz -
    Redfinz -Dag siden

    Different strokes for different folks

  • L L
    L L2 dager siden

    They cut out one of Eugene’s shots at the end.

  • Quinn Wetmore
    Quinn Wetmore2 dager siden

    Someone get Keith some bigger clubs! it’s probably why he let go of the club

  • Olivia Talmadge
    Olivia Talmadge3 dager siden

    alison lee is so fun. she's one of my favorite experts in any try guys video

  • Evan Cardenas
    Evan Cardenas4 dager siden

    She's pretty bad ngl

  • Sam Ty
    Sam Ty4 dager siden

    Eugene’s face while saying “Sorry Appa” is so innocent

  • Han Leal
    Han Leal5 dager siden

    Their song at the end has me in tears 😂😂

  • Aiden Shymanski
    Aiden Shymanski5 dager siden

    POV You came here from the tik tok

  • Haley Hansen
    Haley Hansen6 dager siden

    Allison is so talented and pretty

  • Renee Macling
    Renee Macling9 dager siden

    okay but can we talk about how pretty their outfits are

  • crossemily
    crossemily9 dager siden

    I was with zach. . . did not know Par the course came from golf lol

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean1810 dager siden

    That “We Lost” song was amazing and it made me laugh so hard xD

  • Jelleybean18
    Jelleybean1810 dager siden

    Golf is not interesting to me buuuuut I’m here for it! Edit: Only the Try Guys could have made golf interesting xD Alison is really good!

  • ditzy wallflwr
    ditzy wallflwr10 dager siden

    I like how the ending keith goes “ONE MORE TIME” and they cut him off 😂😂

  • Snickers ALDC
    Snickers ALDC10 dager siden

    At 17:16 I agree with her but with bowling I hated saying I did bowling but now that I am older I love saying I do bowling and idc what people,think and I am proud of it

  • zutrong
    zutrong11 dager siden

    Her put at 16:50 had the flag in the hole... not fair

  • kelly chapman
    kelly chapman12 dager siden

    My dad took me to play golf for the first time with him and the boys (my bf wasnt able to go and one of my cousins said “why dont we invite kelly instead?”) At first he didnt want to and didnt keep track of my score. By thr end he was amazed (and so was i) at how good i did and my cousins were like “we shouldve been playing with you for ages you mightve made pro!” I had a surprising amount of fun

  • Radhika Sharma
    Radhika Sharma13 dager siden

    Legend says Keith's still singing "she was under par"

  • Adrian C
    Adrian C15 dager siden

    Does she have an onlyfans?

  • Leah Moore
    Leah Moore16 dager siden

    The song is awesome.

  • Julian M
    Julian M17 dager siden

    Damn that was some good object work with the invisible trophy, I feel like she's taken improv classes!

  • SuperGirlyVulpix
    SuperGirlyVulpix17 dager siden

    Legend says its still going and if you get real quiet and listen very closely... you can hear faint singing... you can hear "SHE WAS UNDER PAR SHE WAS UNDER PAR" its quite magical honestly

  • Ty Xiong
    Ty Xiong18 dager siden

    I don't watch gold but watching Alison Lee is the best thing about golf. 💙😍 you can tell she's a fun person to be around!

  • DontReadThisComment
    DontReadThisComment19 dager siden

    How does Eugene do the GOLF episode without getting hammered?

  • DontReadThisComment
    DontReadThisComment19 dager siden

    Alison Lee is so fuckin fire.

  • Eshika Aggarwal
    Eshika Aggarwal19 dager siden

    Try guys try henna!

  • Brad Shubitowski
    Brad Shubitowski19 dager siden

    Did Eugene's dad watch the video? I really want to know

  • yoav zafrir
    yoav zafrir20 dager siden

    If i got a dollar, for every time eugene said, korean,asain,white and gay, i could buy 100 bottles of keiths chicken sauce

  • Savannah Tuttle
    Savannah Tuttle21 dag siden

    Me seeing the guys’ outfits: Wow I love the Heathers

  • Riley Mishina
    Riley Mishina21 dag siden

    I thought Keith would be throwing around Raisin Bran

  • tulangkerangka
    tulangkerangka22 dager siden

    Watching try guys video is fun bcs i genuinly can tell that they are nice people irl

  • ArcaneMystic
    ArcaneMystic23 dager siden

    @ 5:20 Mark: "Whoa the club went further than the ball.

  • Erin Richard
    Erin Richard23 dager siden

    The tees in her ponytail were cute af

  • Sven Kalbvleesch
    Sven Kalbvleesch23 dager siden

    Squirrel in the back at 10:45 :)

  • Emman Salvatori A. Cadavos Cadavos
    Emman Salvatori A. Cadavos Cadavos24 dager siden

    Hmmm i saw zach, u saw zach? Hahahaha

  • Faith Mathews
    Faith Mathews24 dager siden

    wow she is REALLY pretty

  • Grace Springer
    Grace Springer24 dager siden

    The ending actually made me cry laughing

  • Alec Wilson
    Alec Wilson24 dager siden

    Eugene could totally pass as kevin na on the pga tour. Dopplegangers

  • jocelyncade
    jocelyncade24 dager siden

    Please, where can I find the congratulations song

  • vamsi krishna
    vamsi krishna24 dager siden

    I wanna see try guys try cricket

  • Matthew Robertson
    Matthew Robertson24 dager siden

    I also make the catcher/pitcher jokes at work haha. I work as a server at buffalo wild wings where I'm the only gay person there.

  • Matt From Wii Sports
    Matt From Wii Sports25 dager siden

    You know, I wish that everyone wouldn’t just pay attention to whether the pro is a male or female. They should just acknowledge the fact that it’s a golf pro. This isn’t “playing golf vs a girl,” it’s playing golf against a pro. We shouldn’t care whether the pro is a man or a woman, but instead we should care that they are a pro sports player. No one said girls can’t be pros at sports, so pointing out that they are glad it’s a girl is like saying “oh, I’m glad that they are having a woman doing a perfectly normal thing for a woman to be doing. It isn’t about gender or race, so just watch the dang video without caring what gender or race the pro is.

  • Nothing But Art
    Nothing But Art26 dager siden

    Wtf were your holes? A driver wasn’t used once, and we all know why. She can’t hit as far.

  • Jill Wang
    Jill Wang26 dager siden

    pls try volleyball i would love to see it

  • Alex R
    Alex R26 dager siden

    awww ned I'll golf w you 😂

  • Rebekkah C
    Rebekkah C27 dager siden

    I love her shes hilarious

  • Student Jeswin Joseph
    Student Jeswin Joseph28 dager siden

    I call my dad appa like Eugene

  • Jon S
    Jon S28 dager siden

    I loved how they cheered like they won after Eugene made the last putt haha

  • Jenny Pai
    Jenny Pai28 dager siden

    the horror on Allison's face after the "after 4 minutes"

  • Emily Balash
    Emily Balash28 dager siden


  • Carter
    Carter29 dager siden

    Zach gives me confidence. Seeing someone like me, with health issues, being so confident and living such a fulfilling and fun life makes me think I can do the same 😊 I want to be like him ❤️

  • L K
    L KMåned siden

    Is this girl Addison Rae what is what that stuck out tongue in the thumbnail??? 😂

  • Anne T
    Anne TMåned siden

    2:06 tmw 6 year old her could’ve beat them just- let that... realization... just...

  • Cole Hurst
    Cole HurstMåned siden

    Ned in almost every 4v1 “yea so I think I have the most experience out of all the try guys.”

  • Emily Grace
    Emily GraceMåned siden

    as a group who doesn’t play golf like close to at all, 3 over par is actually really good

  • yaira katz
    yaira katzMåned siden

    17:34 "She's still good at it." -Keith

  • Rachel Marie
    Rachel MarieMåned siden

    It would be funny to watch them try gymnastics with Simone Biles

  • Paul Jahova
    Paul JahovaMåned siden

    Ok nvm.. she warmed up and understood the grass in like 4 strokes.. now she is demolishing. and you have to bet that pros before they do the PGA tour.. probably practice those same areas right?

  • Paul Jahova
    Paul JahovaMåned siden

    out of 7 billion people she was the 23 best golfer on the planet and she missed that 4th shot? Idkk.. I think she is just messing with them.... If I was to play s.k.a.t.e against them I would purposly mess up just to mess with them and make them feel like they had a chance.. lol

  • Alexandra Lugo
    Alexandra LugoMåned siden

    I was just as surprised as Zack when I realized "Par of the course" was a golf reference! 😅

  • 이태양
    이태양Måned siden

    I dont give a single tingly diggle wicking fuck about golf but honestly i was more interested in this vid than i thought i would be

  • Alligator
    AlligatorMåned siden

    (speaking foreign language)

  • Tinyy. Lalalah.
    Tinyy. Lalalah.Måned siden

    Yo, she is GOR-GE-OUS!

  • Joshua Wyckoff
    Joshua WyckoffMåned siden

    I have been saying this fir a while... the wii wrist straps on golf clubs.

  • Shelly
    ShellyMåned siden

    she's so pretty

  • Garry s
    Garry sMåned siden

    Shes cute :)

  • Kailee Collier
    Kailee CollierMåned siden

    The fact that bogey is spelled incorrectly every time 😂

  • Macarena Covarrubias Riveros
    Macarena Covarrubias RiverosMåned siden

    Is it just me or... she kinda looks like Namjoon from BTS?

  • Evelyn Dumeer
    Evelyn DumeerMåned siden

    PLEASE do Try Guys Try Gymnastics

  • Gabriele Avila
    Gabriele AvilaMåned siden

    22:35 lolol *Zach tries to speak korean* Eugene : No Zach

  • Kaci Seng
    Kaci SengMåned siden

    Everyone :I am sooo excited fo the movie. Corona virus :I am going to ruin it

  • cara loves yoongi
    cara loves yoongiMåned siden

    eugene falling to his knees and saying father in korean when he missed the shot omg

  • cara loves yoongi

    cara loves yoongi

    Måned siden

    oh man he just keeps doin it i might cry

  • Anzy
    AnzyMåned siden

    doesn't golf is like, very bad for the environment?

  • Hazel Aung
    Hazel AungMåned siden

    no one gonna talk how pretty she is.? (sorry for bad english)

  • Keanne Andrada
    Keanne AndradaMåned siden

    Does anyone actually think these guy are funny

  • Alyssa Wood
    Alyssa WoodMåned siden

    That song at the end! I couldn’t help think there’s a group behind them like “Someone get these weirdos off the green!” 🤣

  • Clara Braga
    Clara BragaMåned siden

    we need a reaction from eugenes dad

  • Carmen Yee
    Carmen YeeMåned siden


  • Taylor Bentley
    Taylor BentleyMåned siden

    I hope Eugene’s dad watched this lol. Very proud of Eugene 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Just here to comment for you to be in recommended
    Just here to comment for you to be in recommendedMåned siden

    "One more ti-"

  • Joel
    JoelMåned siden

    I fucking love her competitive spirit and trash talking.

  • Samuel Caster
    Samuel CasterMåned siden

    The bouncy playground successively order because plant chronically spray regarding a befitting may. kindly, therapeutic salesman

  • Chris Colum
    Chris ColumMåned siden

    The damaged random briefly meddle because swamp distinctively melt until a responsible sidewalk. depressed, uninterested family

  • BLACPINK addict
    BLACPINK addictMåned siden

    Eugene all video: Hi dad! Very Cute 😊😊😊

  • GJ 456
    GJ 456Måned siden

    Can four guys beat a hockey goalie

  • G 333

    G 333

    Måned siden

    Bruins suck.

  • Kirk Bowles
    Kirk BowlesMåned siden

    The thick hemp reilly fence because humidity unknowingly wonder sans a satisfying call. private, adhesive linda

  • Gabe Kesler
    Gabe KeslerMåned siden

    This might be the most cucked I've ever seen the internet like Holy sh*t I can feel the estrogen leaking out of the comments and these buttpirates that showed up on my snapchat

  • Jacopo Luci
    Jacopo LuciMåned siden

    8:35 Why is there a purple triceratops on my screen-

  • ai
    aiMåned siden

    I love how they always end up referencing that LOTR scene 😂

  • Jacob Breyer
    Jacob BreyerMåned siden

    Anyone see that squirrel watching the try guys play golf? 10:43

  • Estelle Bonnelame
    Estelle BonnelameMåned siden

    I've never been so excited about golf before xD

  • Chloe A
    Chloe AMåned siden

    a month later and did no one notice the trophy dragging on the ground after they kept talking....i am on the floor😭

  • Aidan Watkins
    Aidan WatkinsMåned siden

    Do darts

  • SegChester Yu
    SegChester YuMåned siden

    You should do chess with hikaru nakamura

  • Laura Frost
    Laura FrostMåned siden

    They all collectively look like Ryan in HSM2 in their lil outfits

  • Allyson Richards
    Allyson RichardsMåned siden

    You need to do 4 vs 1Sudoku

  • Mason Treviño
    Mason TreviñoMåned siden

    I know exactly where eugene got those pants, they're in my wishlist haha

  • Ethan L
    Ethan LMåned siden

    i didnt catch it, was she under par?

  • Anna Moore
    Anna MooreMåned siden

    This is my favorite video you’ve ever made because I love golfing thank you so much 🥰